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What I'm up to ...

Hi guys! Happy Sunday! Hopefully, all of you have gotten the alerts for Chapter 33 by now. If not, visit the blog or FFn  to read the update. Chapter 34 will be up tonight/tomorrow. Here's a teaser.

Update 10/6

Hi Guys! In case you haven't discovered it yet, chapter 33 is up on the blog.  A little more will be added there tonight (because I've finally just finished it now.) and Chapter 34 will post by Saturday. :D YES!! SATURDAY! Aren't you proud? I know I am! Since I've been back to writing I've been cranking out chapters like crazy. IT'S NUTZ. But I'm so excited to be on a good roll. Chapter 34 is probably my favorite right now. I'm really excited for you to read it and see what you think. To tease you a little, here's Chapter 34's Play List. (I'm a huge Mumford and Son HoOr right now. Sry for those of you who don't enjoy them.) :) As always, thanks for all the love and support through the birth of this fic. You guys and your opinions means so much and I'm so happy you share yourselves and your love of Edward and Bella with me.  XOXOXOXOX -B

Small hiccup.

33 will post tomorrow for sure. I've ran into a slight plot/edit issue thats easily fixed. Right now, I'm totally exhausted and would rather look at it with fresh eyes in the morning. Sorry for the slight delay! :( I'll catch you all tomorrow instead!! Take this small teaser for now. Curiosity getting the best of me after a moment, I slouched forward and retrieved the file. Stamped out in small red letters read the word CONFIDENTIAL .  On the slip of paper that was sticking out read three words.  Target: Isabella Swan XOXOXO

In case you wondered...

Chapter 32 has posted on the blog and looks likes it's readable on FFn . I need to get over to TWCS and post there too. I'm happy with the general response you've given me for 32. I know some of you are upset with the direction and feel as though Bella has been through enough as it is. No one agree with you more than I do. ;) Like I've maintained from the beginning, everything I write happens with good reason. The heart fail is very minimal in the next few chapters. (So hang in there.)  In the next chapter you'll get to see Bella sort of taking charge of this Edward situation as she fights to bring her MASTER (Yes, I said MASTER.)  home. ;) You'll be pleased. Promise.  Hang in, trust me, and enjoy!! You know I wouldn't put Bella through something so awful if there wasn't a good reason for it in the first place..... Chapter 33 will  go up tonight (we're on schedule so far!) so keep your eyes peeled for it. Something I forgot to do was a rec for

New news....

Hey! What a surprise! FFn is a big bag of suck. I've gotten a few message from people saying they got the update link. Some can read, some can't. THAT'S A SHOCKER! I'm working on putting it up on the blog as we speak. I've been so busy with moving and I'm so sorry lovelies. :) Keep your eyes peeled, it'll be up soon. As for FFn, I have no idea what to do about that horrible and unreliable site. I'm thinking of continuing on with Master of My Hearts site as the main location for the story from here on out. (I will keep it on FFn and continue to post the updates there, just venture over to for a more reliable way to read updates from here on out. There are pictures and music and reliability there!! This song below is the theme song for Chapter 32. Love it so grab a listen and check MoMH blogger site soon! 32 is on it's way! (Also I'm looking for a new proof reader/beta if anyone is willing and interes

Teaser> Chapter 32. The Consequences

Hi lovelies, I'm still sifting through boxes for my big move, but during my down time, I'm hard at work writing some MoMH. I figured I'd drop in and toss you a teaser while I go through the final revisions on the chapter before posting. I hope you like. <3 PS to @Janob63> I'm putting the finishing touches on babe! I'll get it to you BEFORE chapter 32 posts! It's a little longer than I anticipated, but I don't think you'll complain. ;) Thanks for being so great about everything! XOXOXO Chapter 32. The Consequences (Teaser) ... “You think this is dream?” His voice deafened me. “ He is the dream Isabella!” He roared. “You are MINE !” With swift precision he gripped my throat with one hand, in the next second he was shoving a gun to my forehead. “If I can have you, neither will he!” 

The first 2500 words of Chapter 31>MoMH

Hi Guys,  I just wanted to give you a quick explanation for my recent disappearing act! I'm actually in the process of moving! :) It's not as fun as it sounds AT ALL. These past two weeks have sucked and I'd much rather be blogging, writing, and tweeting. BELIEVE ME. Tonight's been the first time I've been able to sit down and actually write in about twelve days. It's been insane. I've been going through some serious BxE withdrawals. Trust me, I know it's the same for you guys too, at least, I hope you've missed me and @MoMHward.  So, as I sit here finishing up the remainders that are Chapters 31 and 32, I'd like to offer up the first 2,500 words of chapter 31.(This chapter looks to be about 11K in length at the moment, but you know could be 13K by the end of tonight.) Please keep in mind, I've only gone through this about twice for edits, so you might come across typos. Still, I thought at this point, something is better than noth

Update 08/10/10

New Site!  I tried to organize things a little better. I hope it navigator friendly. If anyone has any errors or issues, please contact me! Note!: I'm in the process of doing a final read through on this chapter (MoMH 31) before I post. This is the opening of the chapter. I hope you enjoy the tease. :)  Master of My Heart  Chapter 31 - It Begins -Chapter Opener- “Bella, put your seatbelt on.” Carlisle barked through tight lips. Frozen in the soft leather seat, my right arm seemed to take command from Carlisle without any conscious effort from me. Mechanically, my hand snapped to the belt and began dragging it across my middle to quickly click it safely in place. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Carlisle doing the same. My mind flashed numbly as I took in my surrounding. Slowly, the terror crept in and the adrenaline soon followed, shooting through me at full force and bringing everything into a vibrant burning mesh of color before my eyes. The rain continued t



Josef's outtake

Josef's outtake is finally up! I'm really excited for you all to get a look at this one. It's divulges a ton of stuff. If you haven't reached ch.28 of MoMH yet, please wait to read from Josef's POV! Here are the links: MoMH Blogger FFn: MoMH Outtakes and Extras Thanks for reading! xoxox B

Big News!

Hi! Wanted to send you guys a quick post and share some news. There's a bit. :D 1. I'm participating in The Fandom Gives Back  - I've got two auctions up for grabs. One of them is a outtake in the pov of a secondary character of your choice and the other is any scene of Master of My Heart from Edwards POV. You can check them out HERE << That's the direct link to my auction page on The Fandom Gives Back site. **Update!** I'm now also offering an original O/S written in with the prompts of your choice.  See the auction listing for details! It's got bids starting at $10 or you can BUY IT NOW for $25 For those of you unfamiliar with The Fandom Gives Back, you can find out all you need to know by reading this:   The Fandom Gives Back: About US Like I said, I've got two up for grabs. This is a charity event so please go out and bid on me and all the other fabulous authors contributing!  Here is a link to the Forum Thread on FGB   2

Master of My Heart: Chapter 28. Saviour POSTED!

Where to find it: -Blogger-   -TWCS- - Don't forget to subscribe to alerts. An outtake with Josef will be posting shortly. I'll link it here for you guys. If you're interested.  :) *XO* <3-B

MoMH Ch 28 Teaser

Master of My Heart - Ch.28 Bags and Bondage Before you get totally confused, this song or the direction of content involved in the video has nothing to do with the chapter. (Edward is not in this chapter, except for over the phone and Bella is not cheating on Edward. Liam, mentioned below, is part of the security detail Edward has hired to stay with Bella at all times while he's away. (That's a teaser, don't freak out about Liam's presences okay? It's innocent.)    It's more of Hillary Duff's stellar wardrobe change I'd like you to pay close attention to.  ;) I love a good disguise. (Oh, and Kellan Lutz is sexy as fuck in this video.... and I couldn't resist watching it. Over and over and over again.....) :)  -MoMH 28 Teaser- "Liam," I spoke quietly,  pausing briefly next to the door of the ladies room and gesturing with my thumb. "....would you mind if I--" I smiled shyly and looked down at my toes b

WYLE Ch.11 The Art of Moving On - Teaser

“You did this!” I shrieked hoarsely. “You made him leave!” My fists continued their assault, smacking the broad expansion of his tone chest. “Bella, I’m sorry--” He choked, not even bothering to restrain me as I unleashed every ounce of pent up aggression against him. “I hate you!” I screamed, pounding my fists into him, my head lashed back and forth as tears flowed down my face, unrestrained. Also, I didn't make this...but I LOVE it and as soon as I saw it, I felt like I needed to share it with you. It's beautifully done. :) 

Chapter 28: Teaser two

Master of My Heart    Teaser 2: Chapter 28: Bags and Bondage Building my courage, I tugged at the thin chain that now hung accompanying my collar. Twisting and pulling the delicate line, I twisted the object that had rested, nestled between my breasts for the past three days. It was two-forty in the morning and I could no longer sleep, or try to sleep I should say. Nor could I put this off for one minute longer. Yanking the golden covers back, I was out of the bed and on my feet. I battled, the fucking ping pong ball that I was. I had a choice and it was simple. I could leave the room and return to my own. Or, I could follow the moonlit staircase to the hidden room beneath my feet. In less than half a minute, I had my answer.

Ch 28 Teaser of Master of My Heart

 MoMH Sneak peak into chapter 28: Bags and Bondage I was progressively becoming more aware that Edward was always uncommonly right. As stubborn and reluctant as I was to admit it aloud, I knew there was now no denying it now. About three things I was absolutely positive: First, Alice Cullen was an oniomaniac . Second, there was a part of her–and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be– that told me she was potentially dangerous where a good sale was involved. And third, Edward's Centurion Card...   was about to get the ride of its life.  (Hehehehe.....)  xoxox -B

One more teaser before posting....

  (Picture is a teaser too....Bella's getting better at distracting him.) “Isabella!” The use of my full name alerted me to the fact that he was slightly more angry than normal. I wasn’t worried. A pissed off Edward meant I just might get that well deserved spanking I'd been hoping for.....

Chapter 27 Private Jets Pt. 2 Sneaks...

(This is my favorite RPtz pictures. I didn't think I needed to justify it's presents in this teaser post....just know that I like it very much....) “You promised me.” My tears streaked wetly down my cheeks and my voice grew gravely and cracked with the emotional turmoil I felt. “You promised.” A knock sounded from the bedroom door. “What?” Edward snapped loudly. The fact that his eyes never left mine didn’t stop me from jumping out of my skin. He smiled softly at me, stopping to run  his hand down the length of my matted hair in comfort. Pressing a kiss against my tears he whispered, “I love you.” with the voice of a devout patron worshiping his God. “Although he might be in the past, what he did to you is not.” Edward informed me adamantly. “He will pay for what he’s done, Bella.” “I don’t want that.” I whispered shakily. “Being with you is what I want.” A fat tear leaked from the corner of my eye and slowly rolled down my face. “Nothing more.” “You will be.” He prom

Ch.26 ...And Private Jets Pt. 1 POSTED

 I almost feel like I should apologize for taking up so much of your time in one sitting. Which is Why I've posted the first 12,000 words here now. Please note, as soon as I'm done with edits on Pt.2 I will post. (It is roughly 10,000 words as well and will be up asap.) This chapter covers A LOT. Sit back relax and enjoy the reveal ride. Here you learn all Edward's dirty little secrets..... Oh, and if you haven't read The Symphony Outtake, you might want to before reading this. I reference a lot of things from it. ( You don't have to read it to get the references...but it'll make more sense if you do.) The next installment gets pretty interesting and I wish I could have posted it all together. Like I said, I've been editing like a mad woman trying to size this down so it wasn't such a long read. Pt.2 will be up asap and 27 (or rather 28 will be up right behind seeing as its written on paper now...and just needs to be typed out and posted.

Chapter 26 Sneak Peak!

I know, so sorry for the lengthy wait on 26. I'm finishing up the edits right now. PROMISE.  I felt like I owed you a little something, seeing as this chapter is extremely lengthy, (16,000 words so far...) I decided to post you the opening scene here, until I can get it up on the FF sites.  Which, I'm confident will be before the weekend is done. ;) I already have most of 27 hand written, too. So, all I'll need to do, is transfer it from paper to screen by typing it out. The wait between 26 and 27 won't be as long, but 27 also won't be as length in words as 26 is. So consider 26 a special treat. 26 is literally like 3 chapters in length. I wish it could have been broken up into separate chapters, but the flow needed to be continuous in this one chapter to get us through. I feel slightly terrible for making a chapter that long and I hope you'll forgive me for making you sit through it. :)  I think you guys will like where it goes. At least, I hope y

What You Least Expected Teaser

 Hey lovelies, I'm so sorry about the delay on updates, real life strikes again. Luckily, all is right now and I'm playing catch up. Thanks to all of you who tweeted me about Hubs, he's fine. Home and healthy is more than I could ask for. :) MoMH will probably be up today. I discovered a little sumthin-sumthin when I was reading through last night that needs to be cleaned up (and I'm doing that right now.) Once I'm all set, it'll post. WYLE will be this week too. After I post MoMH update, I just need to go through edits on it and clean it up a bit. I'm hoping it'll be mid-week. Here's a little something to keep you interested. Thanks for all the <3  I could explain this, but where's the fun in that? ;)  Enjoy. Chapter 12: The Art of Moving On “You did this!” I shrieked hoarsely. “You made him leave!” Tear streamed recklessly down my face as my fists continued their assault, slapping and smacking the broad expansion of his tone

MoMH Ch 26 Teaser '....And Private Jets'

Hey babes! So, 26 will be here sooner than you know it. Until then, enjoy this little peak. ;) xo -B “I won’t give in as easily now...” I hummed. “Sure you will.” He teased, nipping at my lips. “We both know that you can’t resist me.” “I’ll have to work on my self control.” I mumbled. “You do that,” he smiled before leaning in and capturing my mouth completely with his. The playful mood returned as we rolled and became lost in each other again. A heavenly blanket of bliss swaddled us as we held each other and whispered sweet nothings. I was sure anyone watching would have been sickened by our gooey display, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. “Say something... foreign ...” I smiled against his mouth. “Foreign?” he smiled back, dragging his lips down my collar bone, his talented fingers danced lightly across the skin of my hip. “Foreign.” I nodded, my eyes sly and full of carnal want.

Chapter 25. Promises...

Its up. :D MoMH will remain on until I'm asked to take it down. However, the story is available on Blogger and The Writers Coffee Shop. I've added the links for you to follow below. Someone asked if I could post on and I'm sorry to say that I won't. I find the site to be difficult to navigate for readers as well as authors and even though I had posted the first few chapters of MoMH there a while back, but I've pulled it off for personal reasons. I'm sorry for being a pain in the ass about it, but there are two other locations you can view the story aside from FFn. If you dont like TWCS, you can read it off my blogger page for MoMH/KoMS. At the top left hand corner of the page you can enter your email address for direct notification of updates made. It's hosted by Feedburner . (They don't send you any third party ads or spam, FYI.) So there you have it. -My back up plan.- Thanks for continueing to suppoirt me and my

MoMH-Ch.25 Promises and Private Jets

 First: Look up. See that video bar of PKMarita?? Yea.... you guy should watch all of those, they are truly awesome. Follow her on twitter too. She's lots of fun. :) <3 you PK! Next:  YUP. I know. I'm a huge, super cunt of a bitch. You know me and posting schedules...we just don't mesh well. :( But, I am getting 25 up with something extra.... While you wait I thought I'd do a little peace offering? This is the beginning of - Master of My Heart: Chapter 25. Don't hate me. I'm working on having it up tonight. I <3 you all super much. Lastly: As you can hear, new music is up....  I wont tell you what goes to what. You'll just have to wait and see..... ; ) -B Chapter 25: Follow to the Fire.  “So, I’m the only one?” I clarified, wrapping myself around him, I tangled us in the soft satin sheets. “I won’t even dignify that with a response,” he answered slyly. Grinning like the devil, he leaned in and nipped my own smile with a kiss. “Stop d

Don't tick off your wife.

Hey guys! I had to share this with you. It's totally something I would do. lmfao.  The update for MoMH should be up tonight!! I'm going through the last of my edits right now. :)  So keep an eye out. It'll post on the BLOG site , FFn , and TWCS .    I me. I KNOW! :)    BEWARE OF THAT UNDERWEAR DUST!!!!!!   One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife, 'Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in 'Slim Fast'. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!' His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. 'What the heck is this?' he said to himself as a little 'dust' cloud appeared when he shook them out. 'April', he hollered into the bathroom, 'Why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?' She replied with a snicker.

Teaser Tuesday

Happy Tuesday. So last night, I got this email warning me aboout a copy cat for MoMH and When I did a google search I came across a MoMH thread I hadn't known about on the Robsten Love Forums. You can check it out here . I just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation to Lins for starting up the thread, and to all the lovlie ladies who participate on it. I posted an exclusive 25 teaser there last night that's below.... Go join the forum and chat, those ladies seem like a lot of fun and I hope to visit there more often. I'm hard at work with edits for the remainer of 25 now, so be patient with me, I'll have it to you soon. :) I hope this will tide you over until then. Lots of Love. -B “You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for, my sweet.” He promised, lightly kissing my hair with butterfly kisses. My heart fluttered in my chest at the rarely used endearment. The last time he called me that had been the night of the symphony and I longed to hear it again si

Teasers: WYLE/MoMH

Image's been awhile huh? So I thought I'd hit you with a double teaser while I wallow away in edit mode over here. Consider it a Valentines day present. (I almost typed president.... jeez. I either need another drink or some sleep.....) I'll take the drink.... What You Least Expected TEASER Ch.11- The Slow Burn “Edward…” a mangled sob escaped her lips as she ripped herself from my arms. “I can’t…” without another word she wrenched the door open and ran out into the hall way. I wouldn’t let her get away that easily.  For WYLE you only getting a text teaser because if I post the picture I want it might give to much away.....oh you know what? The hell with it! Happy Valentine's Day. <3  Master of My Heart TEASER Ch.25 - Follow to the Fire   “So, I’m the only one?” I clarified, wrapping myself around him, I tangled us in the soft satin sheets. “I won’t even dignify that with a response,” he answered slyly. Grinning like the devil, he leane