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Note!: I'm in the process of doing a final read through on this chapter (MoMH 31) before I post. This is the opening of the chapter. I hope you enjoy the tease. :) 

Master of My Heart 
Chapter 31 - It Begins
-Chapter Opener-

“Bella, put your seatbelt on.” Carlisle barked through tight lips.

Frozen in the soft leather seat, my right arm seemed to take command from Carlisle without any conscious effort from me. Mechanically, my hand snapped to the belt and began dragging it across my middle to quickly click it safely in place. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Carlisle doing the same.

My mind flashed numbly as I took in my surrounding.
Slowly, the terror crept in and the adrenaline soon followed, shooting through me at full force and bringing everything into a vibrant burning mesh of color before my eyes.

The rain continued to poor down in a thick monsoon, soaking everything in sight and fogging the windows up with a smoky haze that was becoming impossible to see through. Overhead, a sharp crack of thunder, followed a bright, brilliant blue jolt of lighting hit the sky with a snap. It was at that exact moment, they struck.

One instant, we were still and the next the blacked out SUV slammed Carlisle’s Mercedes from behind.


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