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Chapter 42. Every Promise - Teaser

So, yea. I won't whine or complain. I won't bitch about ungrateful assholes. I'll just say that after a few weeks of cooling off and an insane amout of writing, I'm back and ready to resume Master of My Heart. We're climaxing at this point, stretching and reaching higher and higher until the whole world will explode all around orgasm.....maybe not.  This is a little teaser to give you a taste of the chapters direction. We've got some fluff and a bit of angst....horniness....did I also mention, this chapter belongs to Edward??  Enjoy your teaser....with anticipation of the chapter within the next day or so.  Yes the title of this chapter is Every Promise. And YES, I've got a double meaning one track mind. ....And no, you're not dreaming....those are nipple clamps down there.....Oh, yes. Yes, they are.  :-O Begins of playroom part of the we come. ;)  -TEASER- “I had a wonderful time, Edward.” She grins. “Despite the