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MoMH Ch 28 Teaser

Master of My Heart - Ch.28 Bags and Bondage Before you get totally confused, this song or the direction of content involved in the video has nothing to do with the chapter. (Edward is not in this chapter, except for over the phone and Bella is not cheating on Edward. Liam, mentioned below, is part of the security detail Edward has hired to stay with Bella at all times while he's away. (That's a teaser, don't freak out about Liam's presences okay? It's innocent.)    It's more of Hillary Duff's stellar wardrobe change I'd like you to pay close attention to.  ;) I love a good disguise. (Oh, and Kellan Lutz is sexy as fuck in this video.... and I couldn't resist watching it. Over and over and over again.....) :)  -MoMH 28 Teaser- "Liam," I spoke quietly,  pausing briefly next to the door of the ladies room and gesturing with my thumb. "....would you mind if I--" I smiled shyly and looked down at my toes b

WYLE Ch.11 The Art of Moving On - Teaser

“You did this!” I shrieked hoarsely. “You made him leave!” My fists continued their assault, smacking the broad expansion of his tone chest. “Bella, I’m sorry--” He choked, not even bothering to restrain me as I unleashed every ounce of pent up aggression against him. “I hate you!” I screamed, pounding my fists into him, my head lashed back and forth as tears flowed down my face, unrestrained. Also, I didn't make this...but I LOVE it and as soon as I saw it, I felt like I needed to share it with you. It's beautifully done. :) 

Chapter 28: Teaser two

Master of My Heart    Teaser 2: Chapter 28: Bags and Bondage Building my courage, I tugged at the thin chain that now hung accompanying my collar. Twisting and pulling the delicate line, I twisted the object that had rested, nestled between my breasts for the past three days. It was two-forty in the morning and I could no longer sleep, or try to sleep I should say. Nor could I put this off for one minute longer. Yanking the golden covers back, I was out of the bed and on my feet. I battled, the fucking ping pong ball that I was. I had a choice and it was simple. I could leave the room and return to my own. Or, I could follow the moonlit staircase to the hidden room beneath my feet. In less than half a minute, I had my answer.

Ch 28 Teaser of Master of My Heart

 MoMH Sneak peak into chapter 28: Bags and Bondage I was progressively becoming more aware that Edward was always uncommonly right. As stubborn and reluctant as I was to admit it aloud, I knew there was now no denying it now. About three things I was absolutely positive: First, Alice Cullen was an oniomaniac . Second, there was a part of her–and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be– that told me she was potentially dangerous where a good sale was involved. And third, Edward's Centurion Card...   was about to get the ride of its life.  (Hehehehe.....)  xoxox -B