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Chapter 4. The Art of Moving On


Remind Me - Brad Paisley Feat. Carrie Underwood

I had to share this song. Love it. Love it. Love it. and SO complimentary to the theme of What You Least Expected


Chapter3 Finding Something to Live for


Chapter 42's issues ... Please READ!

Hey guys, as I'm sure you've read on the MoMH blog and FFn, there were issues with chapter 42's post. After trying to fix it all morning, I was finally successful. But, to save you time, I'm posting the conversation in the study between Edward, Carlisle, Aro and Caius. It is the most critical part of the chapter and the part that happened to be the most effected by the issues. So here you go...hopefully this will help clear up your questions and confusion!



Chapter 42. Every Promise -  Conversation excerpt.

-Edward Cullen-

. . "There you are." Aro complains. "Where did you go?"
"To say hello to my mother." I answer before settling into the chair across from my father.
At the door, two men I hadn't seen before suddenly appear and shut us in.
"Now we can get started." Aro grumbles. "Gentlemen, this is my brother-in-law and business associate, Caius.
Sitting beside him, a silver haired gentleman dressed impeccably in a sla…

Chapter 42. Every Promise - Teaser

So, yea. I won't whine or complain. I won't bitch about ungrateful assholes. I'll just say that after a few weeks of cooling off and an insane amout of writing, I'm back and ready to resume Master of My Heart. We're climaxing at this point, stretching and reaching higher and higher until the whole world will explode all around orgasm.....maybe not. 

This is a little teaser to give you a taste of the chapters direction. We've got some fluff and a bit of angst....horniness....did I also mention, this chapter belongs to Edward?? 
Enjoy your teaser....with anticipation of the chapter within the next day or so. 
Yes the title of this chapter is Every Promise. And YES, I've got a double meaning one track mind. ....And no, you're not dreaming....those are nipple clamps down there.....Oh, yes. Yes, they are.  :-O

Begins of playroom part of the we come. ;) 


“I had a wonderful time, Edward.” She grins. “Despite the mad man on the boat a…




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Ch 38


Chapter 36 - A Shock to the Nervous System

Hold on to your panties girls. Chapter 36 is making it's way to an inbox near you. While I place some finishing's a bit of a sneak and some......mood music. ;)

Master of My Heart  Chapter 36 - A Shock to the Nervous System  -Edward Cullen-
She is wan and pale as I gaze at her. Unnaturally dark hair clings to her cheeks as her fiery eyes take in everything. I can feel the rage seeping from her, I can see the trembling in her hands as she flexes her fingers in and out of clenched blood stained fists. 
With raised hands, I approach her slowly, but as I do, she turns and regards me as if she’s just seeing me for the first time. Her eyes are blank, but as they focus on my face something sad flickers there before she levels her gaze to the ground and takes a small step back. When I reach my hands to her, she instantly wraps her arms around her middle and curls defensively. I watch her carefully as she shakes her head back and forth and mutters a string of words softly unde…

What's the deal!?

Hey babes! I know, I know, I've been gone forever. I'm so sorry to have left you all hanging this long. It really wasn't intentional for me to be gone this long but you know how real life's sneaks up and takes over on you. FYI: I've made it down to the Sunshine state! Lovin it here in sunny and warm Florida. I love to stick my tongue out at my relatives still living up in New England....currently being slammed with one storm after another. ;) I really don't miss shoveling! AT ALL! lol. Sorry for those of you who are...take my advice, come on down here! It's beautiful!

Anywho, here's a bit of an update:

Master of My Heart: I've been working like crazy lately, trying my hardest to get up a good stock pile of Master of My Heart for you all to enjoy. :D I'm proud to announce that there are currently 12-13 chapters in planning to finish out the story. Chapter 35 will be posting.....verah soon..... followed verah closely by chapter 36. I'm …