Summer Breeze Series

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Autumn Sunrise 
The story of a couple with a love so strong - anything is possible to overcome. 
Isabella Cullen is the wife of successful neurologist Doctor Edward Cullen. Just starting off, the young married couple is faced with the impossible when Isabella is involved in an accident with a drunk driver.  With Bella's life hanging in the balance, Edward is faced with the impossible. 
He can save her life....but can he save her memories? 
The sequel to Summer Breeze.  

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Summer Breeze 
(The following review was taken from
The Lemonade Stand Blog

Reviewed By: Shahula

If you’re like me, you read a lot of fanfiction. And a variety of it; everything from fluff, drama, romance to mystery and even a little bit of angst. I like all the various categories, and consider myself to be pretty well-read in our fandom.

But very rarely in my four years of reading fanfiction have I come across a story that has grabbed me within its first 1,000 words like Summer Breeze by Brianna Marley. If it was a book, your fingers would be clutching the edge of the page, ready to turn to the next as soon as you finished the last word. It’s that heart-thumping, pulse racing, wild ride of a story that you can’t put down and you can’t wait to have the next update when you reach the last posted chapter.

Summer Breeze centers on the repercussions of a tragedy seen in real life, a drunk driving accident, where Bella has been gravely injured. The fallout from that accident and how each character in the story faces the path they must now forge is told in quick paced chapters that still manage to evoke deep and resonating emotions.

"Oh, God." A surgical nurse holding the paramedics notes gasps from the side of Bella's stretcher. As the good doctor continues to study Bella's face, he see the nurse's fingers shoot up and hover over her own mouth in horror. At a loss, she continues to gaze down at a woman that she knows, but hardly recognizes.

As Doctor Gerandy studies Bella's injuries, his eyes land squarely on her heavily disfigured face. The flicker of recognition that had passed through his mind just second before is now like a flashing neon sign. He blinks, it's clear he's trying to convince himself that this can't possibly be the bright, beautiful woman that is married to one of his colleges.

However, as he looks to the hollow of her throat there is no longer any way to deny the truth. There, resting in the delicate dip of her throat, he recognizes a symbol hanging around her neck. Spattered with drops of crimson and the dirty airbag grime, sits a small blue opaque cameo. The moment he makes out the lion etched into the charm, he knows.

Brianna Marley has crafted a story that is so intriguing, so heart wrenching, you will be consumed by it within minutes and find yourself swept up in the emotion and drama playing out in each scene, begging to know what will happen next ,and if Bella will survive. I kid you not, dear readers, when I say you will be reaching for a tissue or two before this story completes.

Don’t let that keep you from reading it, though. Because even those who are wusspervs will be grateful they took the time and found the courage to read the beauty that is Summer Breeze.


Happy Reading,


My major thanks to the Ladies of The Lemonade Stand for their pimping of Summer Breeze. Without them I feel as though it wouldn't have had half the success it did! Thank you ladies!!  - B


Marilia said…
I choose option B - This story continued from the next phase of their lives as parents and lovers. And certainly showing some difficulties they had to face with some problems Bella still has from the accident, surgeries, and so on...
Anonymous said…
Where can I fond summer breeze? I would like to read it

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