Saturday, November 17, 2012

Master of My Heart Sneaks - Ch. 48

Hello all,

First let me begin with saying how much I miss you all. Real life is out of control lately, with my demanding job, my children, and husband to take care, of desperate times called for desperate measures. I'm happy to say that I've realized how much my absence for the FF community has not only affected myself, but many of my friends and acquaintances. So, I made a deal with myself and extend a promise to you.

You'll being seeing more from me, starting today. I'm vowing a completion of stories, starting with the final chapters of Master of My Heart. Today, I extend a small snippet of what's to come. Although I doubt you could call it small in relation to what you've been waiting for. I won't name the point of view, but I will say it's probably enough to spark your interests, as short as it is, I've been chastened, told it's the ultimate tease. Anyhow, Chapter 48 (Name revealed with the posting later tonight.) will be up some time later tonight. Follow shortly after with Chapters 49 and finally 50.

I hope you'll leave me some feedback at the bottom. You know I love to hear from you all, good or bad mouthing. ;)

All my love

 Without further adieu, a scene from the gala featured in chapter 48.

Master of My Heart - Chapter 48 - Sneak 

As we spun to the soft lyrics of Frank Sinatra, my eyes caught a familiar face on the stairs. A cruel smile curved and sinister that had haunted my dreams was suddenly a reality again. By the time my brain registered the danger, my body was already in motion.

 I swung my body without thought and absorbed what I could of the impact. The only thought in my mind was to protect the one I loved above all. That nothing else mattered in the universe more than that. In that moment, I knew it was all or nothing to put yourself between danger and the one you loved. Though as I felt the piercing sting followed by the ache, I knew it was more than my heart breaking.

Inspirational music from this chapter - 

I'm In Here - Sia 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Autumn Sunrise - Sequel to Summer Breeze

Join me on the next installment 
Summer Breeze

Autumn Sunrise 
The story of a couple with a love so strong - anything is possible to overcome. 
Isabella Cullen is the wife of successful neurologist Doctor Edward Cullen. Just starting off, the young married couple is faced with the impossible when Isabella is involved in an accident with a drunk driver.  With Bella's life hanging in the balance, Edward is faced with the impossible. 
He can save her life....but can he save her memories? 
The sequel to Summer Breeze.