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Teasers: WYLE/MoMH

Image's been awhile huh? So I thought I'd hit you with a double teaser while I wallow away in edit mode over here. Consider it a Valentines day present. (I almost typed president.... jeez. I either need another drink or some sleep.....) I'll take the drink.... What You Least Expected TEASER Ch.11- The Slow Burn “Edward…” a mangled sob escaped her lips as she ripped herself from my arms. “I can’t…” without another word she wrenched the door open and ran out into the hall way. I wouldn’t let her get away that easily.  For WYLE you only getting a text teaser because if I post the picture I want it might give to much away.....oh you know what? The hell with it! Happy Valentine's Day. <3  Master of My Heart TEASER Ch.25 - Follow to the Fire   “So, I’m the only one?” I clarified, wrapping myself around him, I tangled us in the soft satin sheets. “I won’t even dignify that with a response,” he answered slyly. Grinning like the devil, he leane