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Master of My Heart

Master of My Heart: After joining a prestigious and illustrious private club built around sexual dominance and role play; Bella enters into a submissive relationship with wealthy and predominant businessman Edward Cullen. Will secrets and a dark past keep their D/s relationship from blossoming into something more? 

Rated NC-17 for adult themes. Sexual content, adult language, and mild to strong violence. (Entirely in Bella's POV.)

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Keeper of My Soul

Keeper of My Soul: Edward is a predominant and wealthy businessman and a member of a illustrious private club build around BDSM. After meeting Bella, they enter into a D/s relationship. Meant to be read in junction with Master of My Heart. (But can be read separately.)
Rated NC-17 for strong language, mild violence, and sexual content.
(This is entirely in Edwards POV of MoMH.)

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