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One more teaser before posting....

  (Picture is a teaser too....Bella's getting better at distracting him.) “Isabella!” The use of my full name alerted me to the fact that he was slightly more angry than normal. I wasn’t worried. A pissed off Edward meant I just might get that well deserved spanking I'd been hoping for.....

Chapter 27 Private Jets Pt. 2 Sneaks...

(This is my favorite RPtz pictures. I didn't think I needed to justify it's presents in this teaser post....just know that I like it very much....) “You promised me.” My tears streaked wetly down my cheeks and my voice grew gravely and cracked with the emotional turmoil I felt. “You promised.” A knock sounded from the bedroom door. “What?” Edward snapped loudly. The fact that his eyes never left mine didn’t stop me from jumping out of my skin. He smiled softly at me, stopping to run  his hand down the length of my matted hair in comfort. Pressing a kiss against my tears he whispered, “I love you.” with the voice of a devout patron worshiping his God. “Although he might be in the past, what he did to you is not.” Edward informed me adamantly. “He will pay for what he’s done, Bella.” “I don’t want that.” I whispered shakily. “Being with you is what I want.” A fat tear leaked from the corner of my eye and slowly rolled down my face. “Nothing more.” “You will be.” He prom

Ch.26 ...And Private Jets Pt. 1 POSTED

 I almost feel like I should apologize for taking up so much of your time in one sitting. Which is Why I've posted the first 12,000 words here now. Please note, as soon as I'm done with edits on Pt.2 I will post. (It is roughly 10,000 words as well and will be up asap.) This chapter covers A LOT. Sit back relax and enjoy the reveal ride. Here you learn all Edward's dirty little secrets..... Oh, and if you haven't read The Symphony Outtake, you might want to before reading this. I reference a lot of things from it. ( You don't have to read it to get the references...but it'll make more sense if you do.) The next installment gets pretty interesting and I wish I could have posted it all together. Like I said, I've been editing like a mad woman trying to size this down so it wasn't such a long read. Pt.2 will be up asap and 27 (or rather 28 will be up right behind seeing as its written on paper now...and just needs to be typed out and posted.

Chapter 26 Sneak Peak!

I know, so sorry for the lengthy wait on 26. I'm finishing up the edits right now. PROMISE.  I felt like I owed you a little something, seeing as this chapter is extremely lengthy, (16,000 words so far...) I decided to post you the opening scene here, until I can get it up on the FF sites.  Which, I'm confident will be before the weekend is done. ;) I already have most of 27 hand written, too. So, all I'll need to do, is transfer it from paper to screen by typing it out. The wait between 26 and 27 won't be as long, but 27 also won't be as length in words as 26 is. So consider 26 a special treat. 26 is literally like 3 chapters in length. I wish it could have been broken up into separate chapters, but the flow needed to be continuous in this one chapter to get us through. I feel slightly terrible for making a chapter that long and I hope you'll forgive me for making you sit through it. :)  I think you guys will like where it goes. At least, I hope y