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Master of My Heart - Pre-Published First Look

Chapter 1 The Introduction The office I sat in was elegant and pristine. Decorated in creams and gold, accented with dark chocolate wood and leather furniture. I relaxed comfortably in a plush deep brown leather chair waiting for Anya, the occupant of this office to return. I could hear voices lingering faintly outside her office door; they were muffled, but I easily recognized that one of the voices belonged to Anya. I adjusted my blazer and smoothed my white blouse for the hundredth time since I'd been here and steadied myself as best as I could, waiting patiently for her to enter the room. "- yes, tell him as soon as I finish up in here I’ll give him a call." I’d heard her say before the door swung open revealing a leggy drop-dead gorgeous strawberry blond. "Hold all my calls please." She told her assistant as she stepped into the office brandishing a thick manila folder. She closed the door behind her and sauntered over to her