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New news....

Hey! What a surprise! FFn is a big bag of suck. I've gotten a few message from people saying they got the update link. Some can read, some can't. THAT'S A SHOCKER! I'm working on putting it up on the blog as we speak. I've been so busy with moving and I'm so sorry lovelies. :) Keep your eyes peeled, it'll be up soon. As for FFn, I have no idea what to do about that horrible and unreliable site. I'm thinking of continuing on with Master of My Hearts site as the main location for the story from here on out. (I will keep it on FFn and continue to post the updates there, just venture over to for a more reliable way to read updates from here on out. There are pictures and music and reliability there!! This song below is the theme song for Chapter 32. Love it so grab a listen and check MoMH blogger site soon! 32 is on it's way! (Also I'm looking for a new proof reader/beta if anyone is willing and interes

Teaser> Chapter 32. The Consequences

Hi lovelies, I'm still sifting through boxes for my big move, but during my down time, I'm hard at work writing some MoMH. I figured I'd drop in and toss you a teaser while I go through the final revisions on the chapter before posting. I hope you like. <3 PS to @Janob63> I'm putting the finishing touches on babe! I'll get it to you BEFORE chapter 32 posts! It's a little longer than I anticipated, but I don't think you'll complain. ;) Thanks for being so great about everything! XOXOXO Chapter 32. The Consequences (Teaser) ... “You think this is dream?” His voice deafened me. “ He is the dream Isabella!” He roared. “You are MINE !” With swift precision he gripped my throat with one hand, in the next second he was shoving a gun to my forehead. “If I can have you, neither will he!”