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Autumn Sunrise - Sequel to Summer Breeze

Join me on the next installment  of Summer Breeze Autumn Sunrise  The story of a couple with a love so strong - anything is possible to overcome.  Isabella Cullen is the wife of successful  neurologist Doctor Edward Cullen. Just starting off, the young married couple is faced with the impossible when Isabella is involved in an accident with a drunk driver.  With Bella's life hanging in the balance, Edward is faced with the impossible.  He can save her life....but can he save her memories?  The sequel to Summer Breeze.  

Voting and Thank you's and Announcements!

The poll is above. ^^^^^ Chose any option from A - D.  The poll closes this coming Monday at 2 pm EST, so get your votes in now! I've cast my choice...but I'll stay true to what you vote for. If you have any questions feel free to post them here and I'll be happy to answer them. I know many of you are wondering what's going on with my other fics. The truth is that I'm working on them. MoMH is probably going to be the next to update followed by a few chapters for WYLE. For the continuation of Summer's Breeze , I definitely have plenty of ideas for the options above. One is certainly trying to break free more than the others though. (To confess a dirty little secret, I already have a little bit of my choice written...along with a title and a complete play list.) Told ya I had an idea! haha. Any way, I just wanted to thank you all again for the support... because of all of you spreading the word (Pimping out like mad little sex crazed bunnies!) Summer Breez

Summer Breeze - A Novella

Read Summer Breeze Summer Breeze Play List As some of you are already aware, I've launched yet another story. Don't fret, this one is completely complete and chapter(s) are posted daily. Here's a quick descrip if you haven't taken a look yet.  Summary - Summer Breeze is a Novella about a family devastated by the ramifications of one mans choice to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol. Edward and Bella are at the start of their life together. Married and both on their career fast tracks. (Edward is a successful neurologist, Bella a best selling author. . ) Ready to slow things down and start a family of their own, they both clear the schedules for some much needed time alone. Only, their romantic weekend together will never come and because of the actions of one man their lives will be devastate and left in ruin.  Join me if you dare, for this tale of love, loss, heartbreak and despair is one that will sit with you long after the last chapter is