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Happy Hump Day!

A little something to get you up and over the HUMP of the week.

-The Interview-

Hey guys! This is an interview between me (BriannaMarley) and my good friend Vivian. Vivian is the real life submissive I loosely base Master of my Heart off of. She’s the real deal, true life submissive and after much coaxing she’s decided to let me interview her. So let’s remember, this is a treat. I’m turning comments on, but keep in mind I’m monitoring them and you need to be signed in for it. I won’t tolerate any ignorant comments; remember Viv is a person and the basis for my story over on So I won’t allow anyone to slander her in any way shape or form. So you can leave comments, questions, etc and as soon as I or Viv can answer you we will. : ) Special Thanks to Viv for agreeing to this. With that said, here we go…. BM: Hi Viv, thanks for joining me tonight. : ) V: No problem. I’m happy to come an answer your reader’s burning questions. BM: So, I thought we start out kinda easy. You know? The basics, V: Oh God, here we go. *Sighs* Shoot bab