-The Interview-

Hey guys!

This is an interview between me (BriannaMarley) and my good friend Vivian.

Vivian is the real life submissive I loosely base Master of my Heart off of. She’s the real deal, true life submissive and after much coaxing she’s decided to let me interview her. So let’s remember, this is a treat. I’m turning comments on, but keep in mind I’m monitoring them and you need to be signed in for it.

I won’t tolerate any ignorant comments; remember Viv is a person and the basis for my story over on fanfiction.net. So I won’t allow anyone to slander her in any way shape or form.

So you can leave comments, questions, etc and as soon as I or Viv can answer you we will. : )

Special Thanks to Viv for agreeing to this.

With that said, here we go….

BM: Hi Viv, thanks for joining me tonight. : )

V: No problem. I’m happy to come an answer your reader’s burning questions.

BM: So, I thought we start out kinda easy. You know? The basics,

V: Oh God, here we go. *Sighs* Shoot babe. : )

BM: So my reader’s want to know how closely to your story is to my story Master of my Heart / Keeper of my Soul?

V: I’d have to say B, its pretty close. Not everything in your outline happened to me but a decent amount did. Like you opener, mine started out fairly different. Before I met Master I was coming out of an abusive marriage and was pretty much at rock bottom in my life. I was looking for something, anything to fill the void that was inside me. I tried many things before I actually turned to group counseling, that’s where I’d met a man that pretty much ruined my life. We started dating and at first everything was great. He’d mentioned in passing that he was into BDSM and wanted to try it with me. We did and I found it was something I really enjoyed, I never thought I could enjoy anything like that.

I’d never really heard of the BDSM community before hand. I knew people were into things like that but I never knew it was as big or organized. Sorry, now I’m getting off track/ahead of myself.

BM: You’re fine. Take it where ever you’re comfortable with and don’t feel like you need to tell us things either,

V: I know, I just hate getting off track from your questions,

BM: That does happen a lot when we talk doesn’t it?

V: *Smiles* Sooooooo anyway, your James character is right on. Those things you’ve described in the story, they’re exactly the way we talked about them happening. I don’t want to give anything away for your plot but my sciatic nerve, the dreams, being shot. That’s all real. ‘James’ beat me with in an inch of my life that night. To be completely honest with you all, I’m a walking talking miracle. I should be dead right now, I was lucky.

BM: What made you get back into BDSM, after an experience like that, why?

V: You know this woman,

BM: You’re right, I do. But they don’t. *points to readers*

V: Like I’ve told you, once you have a taste if it’s right for you that is, there’s no going back. But it was Master who got me back into BDSM. Once I was healed I sought out communities that were local to me. One night I worked up the courage to go to one, it was a local munch for newbie’s looking for new partners single scenes etc and that’s where I met Master, we talked and spent a lot of time together. Master really turned my life around for the better. I owe him my life in more ways I can express.

BM: So how close would you say Edward is to your Master, personality wise that is?

V: Your Edward is a little more cryptic I think. Although I won’t say that in the beginning of our relationship we didn’t have misunderstandings.

It took me a while to learn to trust Master and that honestly didn’t have much to do with him. It was more me and my history. It’s hard, being in a position where you need something but aren’t capable of really receiving it. It took a lot for me to trust then and I was lucky to find a Master that was patient enough to deal with me and all my emotional baggage.

Hell B, I’ve told you before, we didn’t even have sex until we were a good 4 months into our relationship. Its not that we didn’t want to either because Trust me we did. But Master always wanted to be sure we took things slow and steady, he never wanted to risk my safety or emotional welfare.

Everything he’s always done for me has been carefully considered and well thought out and because of that I’ve never been happier or more satisfied in my entire life. I never thought I could have what we have together and have it actually work.

BM: I love our talk’s hun and I totally feel like this interview is going to give my readers a better feel of what this stories is about. : )

V: I hope so, especially when they see where chapter 20 leaves them….

BM: LOL. Yea well, we’ll see how that goes over wont we?

V: We will. LMFAO. I’m so glad I’m not you.

BM: lol. Yah yah yah. Moving on…. So, I’m noticing your always referring to Eric as ‘Master’ and never anything else, care to enlighten us?

V: That’s too easy. I respect him.
BM: I’m slightly, somewhat confused,

V: Is that like “Slightly, Somewhat Worse?” Speaking of angry readers…. When’s that updating again?

BM: Funny. Soon, I’m neglecting a little bit for the sake of pushing the next few chapters of MOMH/KOMS through. I feel like if I don’t people will really kill. Now…I think you’re avoiding,

V: Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. You know I live for your updates. : )

BM: Sure you do. *Shakes head, laughing and points her finger* Answer the question.

V: I respect Master; therefore using any other form of acknowledgement doesn’t feel right. It’s not just respect like you think either; I don’t respect him because I have to or because I’m his submissive. I respect him because of everything he’s ever done for me. I can’t even think of what kind of place I’d be in right now if I hadn’t chosen to go to that open munch that night. Master makes my life worth living and I’m not being cliché.

BM: Fair enough, so how well is ‘Bella’ based off of you?

V: That’s a loaded question.

BM: You think that’s loaded?! Lol. Gosh, I’d better scratch some of these off…

V: Smart ass. You know I’m more than happy with your interpretation of ‘Me’ honestly, when I read MOMH I feel like I’m being psycho analyzed or something. You’re really right on about some things and you get where I’m coming from. I never really got into major detail about how I felt about what happened to me with you. We talked about the events…the lead up and the effect, but my feelings have always been hard for me to express. I love that you hit me spot on, that my friend is the staple of a great writer. You’re totally immersed in your characters and I totally feel invested in. Even if this is just a FF you’re an awesome writer babe. To answer your question you write my persona well.

BM: You’re making me all misty; you make me sound much better than I am. I get a lot of help from you & Eric. Not to mention Stef and my girls over on twitter and the readers…This story wouldn’t exist without you guys and the support you give me.

V: It’s true though. You’re a great character writer, not many authors can do the whole in the first person thing and you pull it off. You my dear are way too modest. I don’t even understand how you don’t get a ton of reviews every chapter?! You’ve shown me the stats too, *points to readers* you guys need to give this lady some lovin.

BM: Thanks, and I don’t need a ton of reviews every chapter. I hear from the same steady stream of people and I love that more than pointless ‘update now’s’ I don’t post this for reviews any way, I post cause I love to write and I enjoy sharing it with people who intern enjoy reading it. I don’t need my ass kissed, I’m happy with what I get, even when its flames. God I love some of those flames.

V: I've read some of those 'flames'. People really get nuts huh? and I’m just saying, your good babe.

BM: Alright, no more compliments for me. Lets get back on topic, next question.

Edward, as you know has many submissive at a time. Is this normal behavior for someone who is living the lifestyle as a dominant?

V: Honestly? Everyone lives the life differently. There isn’t really a wrong way or a right way. It’s what works best for the participants. I can tell you, I don’t like the idea of sharing my Master and he feels the same way. It works for us because we have a bond that’s more than love. We find what we need in one another. Some people are never able to find that. I know that indirectly answers your question, but all I can say is its similar to people who are marries/in a long term relationship who agree on an ‘open’ armament. If it’s what works for them who am I to judge? In a D/s relationship understanding and trust is key. So I suppose it is normal behavior if the arrangement deems it is.

BM: So you’re saying Edward’s behavior in the first chapters of Keeper is acceptable?

V: Why not? If it works for him and he has that understanding with the women who submit to him, sure. Everyone’s in understanding, happy with needs being met and getting what they need. It may be illogical to an outsider but it’s actually not all that rare in the community I’m involved with. Its not very uncommon to actually find a Dom that has two or three collard subs as well as a Dom with three or four un-collared ‘playmates’.

I understand a few of you will read this and shake your head. I use to feel the same way years ago. The relationship you share with a submissive or dominant isn’t just based on sexual needs. We draw other things from each other. Sometimes that means multiple partners, some all together some separate. It all about what works for you. Just like anything in life.

BM: Thanks for clearing that up for me, you wouldn’t believe the heat I take for that little bit.

V: I’m sure you do, but who gives a shit what anyone thinks right? This isn’t exactly traditional Edward and Bella…at least I don’t remember reading in twilight that Bella was a submissive to a dominant that had been beaten almost to death…then again maybe I read the wrong book. This is fan fiction right? Anything goes and all that right??

BM: Yup.

V: So, what else do you have for me?

BM: Hows Eric with jealousy?

V: lol. Now he’s much better, then not so much. He be mad if another man even glanced at me. He took it out on me once, inadvertently. There wasn’t a punishment or anything he was just really grumpy and snippy. But I do remember later that night we’d had the best scene we’d ever had and I think the jealous fueled it.

We were living in Greenwich at the time, his driver came onto me while he ran back into the house for something…wasn’t the same as your scenario in the fic, he never touched me or anything but Master still fired him after he’d ‘handed him his ass’ for blatantly ogling me and saying some pretty derogatory things. We’d only been in our relationship about a month and I still wasn’t very comfortable. I think we both over reacted a little, but it was the first night he’d let me sleep in his bed,

BM: Which brings me to my next question, What’s your room like at home?

V: Ahhh its Bella’s room. That picture you have up on the freewebs site is my room at our house.

BM: Interesting......Has that always been your room for your entire relationship?

V: It has, I still sleep in there every now and then actually.

BM: So on a normal night, where do you sleep?

V: Either with Master in his bed or next to it on the zeppelin pillow on the floor next to Masters bed.

BM: That’s not uncomfortable…sleeping on the floor like a dog?

V: Nope. Its not the actual floor, I'm sleeping on a comfy big ass pillow and I’m not treated like a dog. Its just what Masters mood is, I’ll either be in my own bed, on the pillow, or in Masters bed. Like I’ve said, what works for Master and I might not work for other relationships,

BM: So how is that liberator furniture? Do you guys have any other pieces?

V: *looks to B’s readers* OMFG. Go to this site. www.liberator.com If you don’t have any of this stuff, get some. Trust me it’s worth every penny.

Master has lots of pieces. My favorite is that piece that you’re going to mention in chapter 24…

BM: *Elbows Vivian* Shhhhh…..

V: Right, sorry.

BM: It’s OK. I'm trying to keep that on the DL but I’m excited too and I haven’t even experience anything like that. You’re a lucky girl.

V: Don’t I know it.

BM: Ughhh don’t rub it in.

V: I’ll tell Master to get you and the hubs one for Christmas….

BM: Don’t tease me about something like that. Lol. Hubs would love that though, hes much more supportive of my new interests than I thought he would be…

V: You call sex on a curve contoured pillow 'new interests'?

BM: *Shrugs* Hey, I have three kids all under 6. The ten minute quickie in the laundry room while the kids are all engrossed in a movie or something is adventurous to us,

V: Mmmhhhhmmmm. I’ve met your husband.

BM: You have, your point? 

V: All I’m saying is, I hear the washing machine does wonders…..

BM: OK. Enough about my non-existent sex life. It’s not nearly as interesting as yours. Speaking of which, I should probably be letting you go. Tell me where your going again?

V: Me? I’m going to Barcelona to kick the shit out of some stupid unsuspecting girl.

BM: Funny. You’re totally going to confuse my readers.

V: lmfao. I love you babe.

BM: Haha. I love you too. : )

V: We should do another one of these, maybe with Master next time?

BM: I’ll see if they want more. *Looks to readers* Eric would be fun to have around Bri for a night….

V: Hmmm, he could teach that old dog of yours some new tricks….

BM: Hey, my dog is not old and he’s still got plenty of tricks.


BM: Ughhh bitch. : ) Have a nice weekend getaway babe.

V: Don’t worry, I will. ; )

BM: There you go with the rubbing it in shit again.

V: LOL. See ya baby-

BM: Yea. Call me when your back, we’ll do another.

V: You got it babe. *Waves to readers* See ya guys. Make sure you forward your question to B, I’ll answer what I can. : )


Mutz said…
That's interesting. I'm 21 and more than eaher to try D/s. But there's nowhere I can go alone in Barcelona (I've lived here my whoooole live , really)that I know of...And then I'm totally unexperienced as well...so i'm totally lost.

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