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What I'm up to ...

Hi guys! Happy Sunday! Hopefully, all of you have gotten the alerts for Chapter 33 by now. If not, visit the blog or FFn  to read the update. Chapter 34 will be up tonight/tomorrow. Here's a teaser.

Update 10/6

Hi Guys! In case you haven't discovered it yet, chapter 33 is up on the blog.  A little more will be added there tonight (because I've finally just finished it now.) and Chapter 34 will post by Saturday. :D YES!! SATURDAY! Aren't you proud? I know I am! Since I've been back to writing I've been cranking out chapters like crazy. IT'S NUTZ. But I'm so excited to be on a good roll. Chapter 34 is probably my favorite right now. I'm really excited for you to read it and see what you think. To tease you a little, here's Chapter 34's Play List. (I'm a huge Mumford and Son HoOr right now. Sry for those of you who don't enjoy them.) :) As always, thanks for all the love and support through the birth of this fic. You guys and your opinions means so much and I'm so happy you share yourselves and your love of Edward and Bella with me.  XOXOXOXOX -B

Small hiccup.

33 will post tomorrow for sure. I've ran into a slight plot/edit issue thats easily fixed. Right now, I'm totally exhausted and would rather look at it with fresh eyes in the morning. Sorry for the slight delay! :( I'll catch you all tomorrow instead!! Take this small teaser for now. Curiosity getting the best of me after a moment, I slouched forward and retrieved the file. Stamped out in small red letters read the word CONFIDENTIAL .  On the slip of paper that was sticking out read three words.  Target: Isabella Swan XOXOXO

In case you wondered...

Chapter 32 has posted on the blog and looks likes it's readable on FFn . I need to get over to TWCS and post there too. I'm happy with the general response you've given me for 32. I know some of you are upset with the direction and feel as though Bella has been through enough as it is. No one agree with you more than I do. ;) Like I've maintained from the beginning, everything I write happens with good reason. The heart fail is very minimal in the next few chapters. (So hang in there.)  In the next chapter you'll get to see Bella sort of taking charge of this Edward situation as she fights to bring her MASTER (Yes, I said MASTER.)  home. ;) You'll be pleased. Promise.  Hang in, trust me, and enjoy!! You know I wouldn't put Bella through something so awful if there wasn't a good reason for it in the first place..... Chapter 33 will  go up tonight (we're on schedule so far!) so keep your eyes peeled for it. Something I forgot to do was a rec for