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Hi guys! Happy Sunday! Hopefully, all of you have gotten the alerts for Chapter 33 by now. If not, visit the blog or FFn to read the update.

Chapter 34 will be up tonight/tomorrow. Here's a teaser.


BurtonBabe said…
hope Ch34 come soon! I'm on pins and needles awaiting it's arrival! After the teaser on Sunday, i got all excited and have been casing out the blog ever since.

thanks for keeping up the writing and this story!
Susette said…
I am sitting here at the other side of the world in Melbourne, Australia anxiously waiting for Chapter 34, while I listen to the Mumford & Sons CD which I had never heard of and after listening to the link you provided, I have now bought, just love it!!

I have now reread all chapters numerous times to try and slake my thirst for your story. I must go into your blog at least twice a day to see if the next chapter hss appeared and I didn't receive the email about the update!!!

Love your writing and the dreams your storm invokes in me - how did I live without MoMH before I found it!!
Brianna Marley said…
Awe... I love you guys. Real life is kicking my ass, but I've got good news. Chapter 34 is just about finished and I've got a wonderful new beta who's offered her services. So as soon as we've got it all ready, you'll have it. ;) Thanks for all the love. <3
Anonymous said…
How much longer is it going to be??? You think it'll be by next week?
I've been re-reading the chapters constantly in anticipation of ch.34! :D Your story is fabulous btw.
BurtonBabe said…
LOVED chapter 34! can't wait for the next one!
BurtonBabe said…
Great Chapter! i've read it twice already! Can't wait for the next one!!!! what has B done?!?! I'm so loving this E too! can't wait to see how he handles her behavior and the sad news. its going to be a tough next chapter emotionally, especially having to go to Chicago and deal with james. can't wait for E & B reunion!!! hope the next chapter comes soon.

Also wanted you to know that i LOVED What You Least Expected and i hope you pic that one up again, i can't wait to find out whats next once little renesme wakes up and how they work things out. such a heart wrenching story!
Anonymous said…
anxiously awaiting the next chapter! hope it comes soon!
Anonymous said…
Can't wait for the next chapter, lover the story and your writing style. Keep up the awesome work!

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