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What's the deal!?

Hey babes! I know, I know, I've been gone forever. I'm so sorry to have left you all hanging this long. It really wasn't intentional for me to be gone this long but you know how real life's sneaks up and takes over on you. FYI: I've made it down to the Sunshine state! Lovin it here in sunny and warm Florida. I love to stick my tongue out at my relatives still living up in New England....currently being slammed with one storm after another. ;) I really don't miss shoveling! AT ALL! lol. Sorry for those of you who are...take my advice, come on down here! It's beautiful! Anywho, here's a bit of an update: Master of My Heart : I've been working like crazy lately, trying my hardest to get up a good stock pile of Master of My Heart for you all to enjoy. :D I'm proud to announce that there are currently 12-13 chapters in planning to finish out the story. Chapter 35 will be posting.....verah soon..... followed verah closely by chapter 36. I&#