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Chapter 42's issues ... Please READ!

Hey guys, as I'm sure you've read on the MoMH blog and FFn, there were issues with chapter 42's post. After trying to fix it all morning, I was finally successful. But, to save you time, I'm posting the conversation in the study between Edward, Carlisle, Aro and Caius. It is the most critical part of the chapter and the part that happened to be the most effected by the issues. So here you go...hopefully this will help clear up your questions and confusion! SORRY! B Chapter 42. Every Promise -  Conversation excerpt. -Edward Cullen- . . "There you are." Aro complains. "Where did you go?" "To say hello to my mother." I answer before settling into the chair across from my father. At the door, two men I hadn't seen before suddenly appear and shut us in. "Now we can get started." Aro grumbles. "Gentlemen, this is my brother-in-law and business associate, Caius. Sitting beside him, a silver haired gentleman dr