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MoMH's been reviewed on Southern Fan Fiction Review!

 I'm a little out of it, horrible cold/allergy bull shit, I'm med'd up out of my mind right now so if this doesnt make sense I apologize. Master of My Heart has been Recommended and Reviewed on Southern Fan Fiction Review! My good pal Sandy (@ssherrill11) on twitter runs this awesome review site. What's it all about you ask? Reviews and recommendations of FAN-tastic Fan Fiction! I am honored to be included in her list and so thankful for all the new readers and tweeters I've gained because of her sweet review. So go check it out by clicking the link I've provided below and follow Sandy's blog and twitter. She's a hoot, and sooo much fun to chat with!! <3 you Sandy!!

The Fandom Gives Back

I'm not on the list of TwiFic authors being auctioned off for FGB, but I wanted to offer myself up in some way to show my love and support of this amazing event.  So this is what I'm doing to contribute, I am in the process  of finishing an outtake I planned on posting of Edward and Bella's 'Missing two weeks' of Master of My Heart. I had originally intended to post this with EPOV in Keeper of My Soul. However, I like this idea much better. The Outtake is a juicy little look at the mounting sexual tension that takes place between my two characters during those 2 weeks I skipped ahead through. Its full of angst and lemony-ish goodness. I promise if you like reading MoMH/KoMS you wont want to miss this. So these are my rules :  I wont limit this to one or two readers, but rather anyone of my readers who makes a donation of at least $25 to the fandom's official lemonade stand   will get a copy of this outtake.

KoMS Ch5 Teaser

Teaser of Chapter 5: Do It Right. of Keeper of My Soul The umbrella shielded the open door to the sky above us from the elements. Tonight should have been a clear night but Seattle was too predictable and rain it did. My thoughts drifted back to the beauty seated beside me, her soft skin and the slope of her delicate neck. The urges to have her here and now swirled within me again and I did my best to beat them back, I'd always had great self control, but right now I was wavering. Trying and quickly loosing the battle within myself. I glanced at her from the corner of my eye; my focus going straight to her supple full breasts and sliding down to the crease where her gown hugged that sweet heavenly spot, Oh my FUCK.... I suppressed a groan as visions of her bound and begging for release assaulted my over excited mind. The thoughts went straight to my already hardened cock. I imagined the soft sweet sounds she would make for me as my tongue lapped at her sweet, delic

Answers to the Question of my Logic....

 I seem to be getting a lot of this same question, so I figured I'd answer it here for you and kill multiple birds with one stone. : ) Q : From: twilightobession :  "OMG! James really did a number on Bella. I know Edward is there, but what has happened to Bella? I know she was leaving the room where she and Edward were talking and she must have hit something or ran over something to be bleeding, What is going on?" A : From me: BriannaMarley : Alright. I totally understand your confusion and for once I'm actually kinda glad so many of you are confused! :) Why, You ask? Well, I'll tell you. That's how I intended it. :) I wanted you to feel confused because you are reading in Bella's POV. for all intensive purposes my beautiful, amazing, fucking awesome, fantastic readers,(wink wink) you ARE Bella. (Wooooooohhhhhh. I just got chills....cause I don't know about the rest of you but I want to be Bella! Maybe not at the current moment...but trus

Happy Hump Day!

A little something to get you up and over the HUMP of the week.

-The Interview-

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