KoMS Ch5 Teaser

Teaser of Chapter 5: Do It Right. of Keeper of My Soul

The umbrella shielded the open door to the sky above us from the elements.

Tonight should have been a clear night but Seattle was too predictable and rain it did.

My thoughts drifted back to the beauty seated beside me, her soft skin and the slope of her delicate neck. The urges to have her here and now swirled within me again and I did my best to beat them back,

I'd always had great self control, but right now I was wavering. Trying and quickly loosing the battle within myself. I glanced at her from the corner of my eye; my focus going straight to her supple full breasts and sliding down to the crease where her gown hugged that sweet heavenly spot,

Oh my FUCK....

I suppressed a groan as visions of her bound and begging for release assaulted my over excited mind. The thoughts went straight to my already hardened cock. I imagined the soft sweet sounds she would make for me as my tongue lapped at her sweet, deliciously soaking wet pussy.


I really needed to get a grip, but fuck... I needed to bury myself deep inside of her.


Shit! Who the hell was this woman and how was she having such an effect on me?

A large thunder bolt shot across the sky right above her building, followed by a loud steady rumble of thunder. Those possessive and protective feelings swirled inside of me once again and although I had planned on seeing her in all along, I was as determined as ever now.

I wondered briefly if I'd actually be able to leave her tonight without feeling her climax around me...and that had me smiling.

With a deep breath, I sighed softly and stepped from the car, into the rainy Seattle night......

(This hasnt been editied as I'm sure you can tell. But I havent updated this fic in a while and wanted to give you a small taste of Edward. I felt you deserved a longer teaser than I normally give...so I hope you enjoyed your tiny nibble.....)



glamvegan said…
Cannot wait for the rest!!!! Edward's POV is incredible. Keep up the fantastic writing!

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