Answers to the Question of my Logic....

 I seem to be getting a lot of this same question, so I figured I'd answer it here for you and kill multiple birds with one stone. : )

Q: From: twilightobession :  "OMG! James really did a number on Bella. I know Edward is there, but what has happened to Bella? I know she was leaving the room where she and Edward were talking and she must have hit something or ran over something to be bleeding, What is going on?"

A: From me: BriannaMarley :

Alright. I totally understand your confusion and for once I'm actually kinda glad so many of you are confused! :)

Why, You ask? Well, I'll tell you. That's how I intended it. :)

I wanted you to feel confused because you are reading in Bella's POV. for all intensive purposes my beautiful, amazing, fucking awesome, fantastic readers,(wink wink) you ARE Bella. (Wooooooohhhhhh. I just got chills....cause I don't know about the rest of you but I want to be Bella! Maybe not at the current moment...but trust me, soon....very soon you'll want to be her very badly.)

So why the confusion? Well that's simple, Bella is pretty much on the verge of a breakdown....hell she IS breaking down and your experiencing her mind going through that. I have personally suffered a minor breakdown once before (nothing like hers, thankfully.) But I needed to capture the devastation shes going through, the pain and suffering shes feeling is over whelming to her. So overwhelming in fact that she's run into an end table in Edward's living room, knocked over a crystal vase and smashed it into a thousand pieces and then walked through the shards of broken glass with out registering the fact that her feet are being sliced and cut open. Shes not feeling anything because shes almost completely shut down. The only thing her brain can focus on is her emotional state of mind.

Its confusing because Bella is confused, she suffers for a form of PTSD caused by her traumatic past with James.

What's going on is an episode so to speak. Shes having a 'Flashback' of her past that was triggered by a multitude of events caused recently by Edward and his insane logic. (I know, I know. But he's Edward OK. Give me the benefit of the doubt here people.)

You wanted to know what happened in Bella's past and now you do. :( Sorry for my graphic tendencies but thats just how my foul little mind works these things. Its how I roll and in all fairness I do warn you before hand in my A/N! Its not my fault you skip over them and go straight to the body of the chapter! Thats ok though my eager beavers, I skip over A/N too....just make sure after you read to go back up and read the A/N!! I usually answer something that people ask 100000000000 times in those notes and its frustrating to have to answer it again and again! (But I do it to, so I understand. :) But just so we're on the same my damn notes at some point cause I hate repeating myself too many times! (I start to feel nutty after I answer the "Why is there no play room action yet" question a 1000 times) Remember this BDSM story is different from other stuff that's in the fandom right now!! : ) The smut is coming tho so don't get your silky panties in a twist. Got me??

Q:From Anonymous: Is Angela there in the room with them? What the hell is going on with Bella, are paramedics there too?

A: (First of all, if you have a question for me please don't drop it anonymous! I CANT RESPOND TO ANONYMOUS AND ANSWER YOUR QUESTION DIRECTLY! and I'm trying to cut down the length on my A/N in chapter notes. So if you have a question ask me through PM or SIGH IN to get your answer!! I cant hunt you down! lol)

No. The only person in the room with Bella, aside from Lauren (VERY BRIEFLY) is Edward. Those people you read about being in the room with her...that's a product of her 'Flashback' and her mind coming in and out of true reality. Shes having a emotional and mental breakdown and her minds eye and reality sort of blend together for this.

The blending, you'll notices is happening at the end of the chapter, with her sort of coming out of her 'Flashback' and back into reality. The paramedics/Angela sort of blend and morph into Edward's voice and vice verse. Her mind is very unhinged at this point. Its supposed to confuse you because (Bella) is confused and vulnerable.

I hope that helps you understand my logic a little better. I know its confusing and maybe slightly annoying. I'm sorry for that and I hope you'll continue to read and reread to get a better understanding of Bella's frame of mind.

Q: Is the playlist on your blog a playlist for MoMH?

A: Yes and No. Its a play list of my current writing frame of mind. The music that's up currently reflects what I'm working on. If you read my ch. A/N I always jot down that chapters musical inspiration.  But currently yes, most of the music here on the blog is for MoMH.  I usually update the first song on the list for the current chapter I'm writing. (Like right now its the first 3 songs for chapter 23. The rest is sort of an over all theme for the story.)

So I think I've touched on the general theme of questioning.

I'm working on deciding what your Tuesday Teaser will be this week since you didn't get one last week because I was on vacation...I'll see if I can get Stef's approval for a slightly longer one. :)  and shes bossy sometimes so I'll have to work extra hard to finish all the updates for her today....(right Stef?? :))

If theres anything else you're dying to know please message me and I'll answer asap!! : )

-BriannaMarley <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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