Chapter 26 Sneak Peak!

I know, so sorry for the lengthy wait on 26. I'm finishing up the edits right now. PROMISE. 

I felt like I owed you a little something, seeing as this chapter is extremely lengthy, (16,000 words so far...) I decided to post you the opening scene here, until I can get it up on the FF sites. 

Which, I'm confident will be before the weekend is done. ;)

I already have most of 27 hand written, too. So, all I'll need to do, is transfer it from paper to screen by typing it out. The wait between 26 and 27 won't be as long, but 27 also won't be as length in words as 26 is. So consider 26 a special treat.

26 is literally like 3 chapters in length. I wish it could have been broken up into separate chapters, but the flow needed to be continuous in this one chapter to get us through. I feel slightly terrible for making a chapter that long and I hope you'll forgive me for making you sit through it. :) 

I think you guys will like where it goes. At least, I hope you do. So, here's the opening of 26. 

As always, thank you for your unconditional love and support. It means more to me than I could ever express. 


Master of My Heart - Chapter 26 Sneak Peak 

 I woke to deep city lights and the glowing orange of a dipping sun in the far distance....and kisses. Heavy, wet kisses that reigned down like fire over my skin. “Mmm...” I moaned, stretching out against a firmly toned form.

“Time to wake, sleeping beauty.” Edwards melodic voice hummed over my sternum.

“Mmm...five more minutes....” I whined, rolling to my side, I snuggled deeply into the soft mound of pillows under my head. They smelled incredible, completely Edward. As warm and lovely as he was, the scent was clean and simple and I’d never smelled anything as heavenly as it in my life.

“No way...” Edward chuckled wholeheartedly. “I miss your beautiful eyes.” He whispered, fluttering delicate kisses upon my closed lids. “Up.” He commanded, patting my ass gently.

The smell of tomatoes and oregano wafted around me and then Edward teased, whispering in my ear. “...I brought you something yummy...” in the most deliciously sultry voice I’d ever heard. I wasn't sure what made me more ravenous, the smell of the food he brought or the tone in his voice. My stomach grumbled and my nipples pebbled instantly. I wondered if he even realized the insanely intense effect he had over me. When his lips brushed against the tip of my ear I shivered with pleasure. “Do you want it...” he whispered, taunting me.

This was surely the weirdest seventy-two hours of my life.

“Mmmm....” I hummed in response peeking one eye open to find him hovering over me. His brilliant smile warmed not only my heart but my hoo-ha as well.

I smiled broadly, somethings never changed. Apparently my mind was certainly not an exception to that rule.

“Now isn’t that the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” Edward mused quietly, dipping down to kiss the lines of my smile. I sighed happily, the feeling of his lips dancing across my skin was making me delirious. “...I’m afraid you still have to sit up to get this...” He sang, kissing my cheek again before pulling back.

I felt the bed shift and moments later the clattering of fine China.

“What have you got?” I asked, using my best seductive voice.

“If you weren’t being such a lazy ass, you’d know.” He replied matter-of-factly.

I cracked a smile and opened my eyes to find his face light with humor. “Okay...I’m up.” I giggled, shifting to sit up against the head board. “Hey...” Whining I pouted at him. “...why are you dressed?” I scowled at his casual pair of black basketball short and vibrant green t-shirt with the word “Dartmouth” scrawled out in big white letters across the front. The blankets settled around my waist and I reached my hands up to scrub my face. “That isn’t very polite of you...” I murmured into my hands.

“I never once admitted to being a well polished congenial.” He teased. “However,” he added, drawling out the word. “I was hungry. Unless you want me wandering around Seattle in the buff...” Glancing at me, his face became mischievously seriously.  “Well, you know, to tell you the truth; now that I’m thinking of it, it wouldn’t have been the first time...” he trailed off and I glanced at him from between my fingers, his face composed quickly into a playful smirk.

I wasn’t sure what I looked like, but from the change in Edwards demeanor, I could tell I needed to be quick with my recovery.  “I’m teasing.” He promised, smiling that damn smile that caused my inside to liquefy. The murmur of his playful voice soothed me and I immediately wanted to tease him back. “Besides,” he continued, “ if you’re torturing me by not having those beautiful breasts on display, then I think I need to retaliate.”

Pouting at him I murmured.“Well, I certainly didn’t dress myself.” I laughed openly at him. “You must be quite the masochist.” I mused through my snickering.

As he regarded me, I took the opportunity and glanced down at myself. Unsurprised that I felt the silky soft over-sized sleeves of a pajama top float down my arm. I pulled my hands away and looked down at the soft baby blue Stafford night shirt, the top pocket caught my eye. Three intricately monogrammed letter were stitched in to the fabric.

“Yours?” I asked, looking up at him from under my lashes as my fingers danced across the cursive letters of his initials.

“Mine.” He practically growled possessively, leaning forward to catch my lips with his.

“Hmm...” I hummed. “That isn’t what I meant...” I answered, smiling into his kiss.

“Well, I meant it.” Smirking back at me, I felt his hand trail up to the unbuttoned collar of the night shirt, he reached in and stroked the expensive bauble around my throat. My entire body erupted, sending pleasurable chills down my spine. Edward beamed at me, gazing at me with a new sparkling fire in his eyes. He looked so happy, his face completely relaxed and smooth. It almost made me to make a crack at him about aging lines....smiling at myself, I refrained.

 I was too hungry to start another round of banter, right now I wanted to eat. Later...I’d bring out the banter to aid in satisfying my other...appetite. For now, I focused on Edward and tried to will my dirty mind from the gutter.

 Leaning down to me, he smiled my favored grin and dotted my nose with a kiss. “Hungry?” his playful voice danced over my lips. It was completely maddening. I could taste him on my tongue...and I was sure he knew it.

“Ravenous.” I growled, making my nose crinkle a little.

“Easy there...” he smiled, turning behind him to grab a bamboo lap tray adorned with fine China. “They’ll be none of that...” he replied, placing the tray over my lap.

Pouting, I turned and glanced out the tall windows realizing that it was night...again. “How long did I sleep?” I blanched.

“About thirteen hours.”

“Thirteen hours!”

“Mm hmm...” he nodded, pushing the tray over my lap and lifting the metal covering off the plate for me. The glorious smell of chicken parmigiana snaked through my senses. “You needed it I think.” He seemed thoughtful as he watched me pick up my fork and spear a piece of ziti. Tossing it in my mouth, I groaned in appreciation as I chewed it up. The tangy sweet sauce danced on my taste buds and hit the empty spot in my tummy like a wreaking ball. “Good?”

“Delicious.” I replied, eying his mouth.

“You’ve got a one track mind.” The chuckle in his throat grew and began doing strange things to my heart. He was so beautiful it made me ache.

“I love you.” I whispered seriously. The uncontrollable need to share myself with him consumed me. The answering smile he shared gave me goose bumps and shot sparks of electricity through my body.

“You don’t know how much I love hearing you say that.” His eyes closed briefly as he exhaled the response.

“Yes, I do.” I disagreed.

“I guess you do.” He lamented, growing serious. “Eat up, we still have much to discuss.”

“Are you eating?” I asked just as he reached down and pulled up a metal takeout container of the same food, I raised my eyebrow. “What, there’s no pretty China for you?”

He glanced up at me just as he shoveled in a piece of sauce covered breaded chicken in his mouth. “Ugh Un..” he grumbled with his mouth full. “Pretty for you...” he answered with a grunt, tossing in a fork full of ziti.

I smiled broadly at him, eating like there was no tomorrow. He was being such a cave man. “Holy crow...can you taste it?” I deadpanned.

“Mmm...” he hummed, shoving another piece of bread in his mouth.

“Edward.” I giggled outlandishly, loving the way his name fell from my lips. The relief that coursed through me from the simple privilege was staggering.

“Wha?...” he grunted, “I’m hungry!”Grinning he shrugged and tossed in another mouthful of pasta.

“I’ll say.” I smirked, digging into the exquisite meal. The chicken was tender and battered lightly with a crispy finish. It was truly one of the best meals I’d ever tasted, and that was really saying something, considering the past few weeks I’d been eating Edward’s cooking. “Where did this come from?” I asked, humming and moaning as I devoured the place.

“A little Italian bistro down the street. I was sure you’d be hungry when you finally got up.”

“I’m sorry I slept so long.” I apologized sheepishly.

“It’s all right love.” Absently, he moved his fork full of pasta through the sauce, scooping up a bite and firing it into his mouth. “Feeling better?” He asked, chewing the food around, his tongue lashed out and flicked a spot of sauce in the corner of his mouth and I found myself captivated.

Shaking my head a bit to clear it, I answered. “Much.” Nodding, I eagerly slipped another piece of chicken into my mouth.

We continued eating after that with very little interaction and I realized there wasn’t an awkward silence or tension, we were just comfortable. I silently prayed it would last considering what was to come.

Roughly fifteen minutes later I was finishing my.... I suppose it would be considered dinner. Patting my mouth with a floral linen napkin, I glanced at Edward and reached for the tall glass of ice water resting on my tray.

Edward had consumed his entire meal as quickly as someone battling for a World Guinness Record. I worried he’d have heartburn, but kept the concern to myself....until I could poke fun at him for it later........

I hope that peaks your interests until I can get the rest up.


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oh my god woman!! how am i supposed to write now??? lol miss you hope all is well and i can't wait for 26!!! *hugs*
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Beautifully written! Your writing is evolving wonderfully! I love it! I can't wait till you post! I'm excited!!
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I can't wait for it to post! I love this story! :)

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