Chapter 27 Private Jets Pt. 2 Sneaks...

(This is my favorite RPtz pictures. I didn't think I needed to justify it's presents in this teaser post....just know that I like it very much....)

“You promised me.” My tears streaked wetly down my cheeks and my voice grew gravely and cracked with the emotional turmoil I felt. “You promised.”

A knock sounded from the bedroom door. “What?” Edward snapped loudly. The fact that his eyes never left mine didn’t stop me from jumping out of my skin. He smiled softly at me, stopping to run  his hand down the length of my matted hair in comfort. Pressing a kiss against my tears he whispered, “I love you.” with the voice of a devout patron worshiping his God.

“Although he might be in the past, what he did to you is not.” Edward informed me adamantly. “He will pay for what he’s done, Bella.”

“I don’t want that.” I whispered shakily. “Being with you is what I want.” A fat tear leaked from the corner of my eye and slowly rolled down my face. “Nothing more.”

“You will be.” He promised, kissing my nose lightly. “Always and forever.”

 Just as he spoke the last words, the  door cracked open slightly and Lauren poked her head in effectively halting our chat.


This is just what I needed right now.

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