Chapter 28: Teaser two

Master of My Heart 
 Teaser 2: Chapter 28: Bags and Bondage

Building my courage, I tugged at the thin chain that now hung accompanying my collar. Twisting and pulling the delicate line, I twisted the object that had rested, nestled between my breasts for the past three days.

It was two-forty in the morning and I could no longer sleep, or try to sleep I should say. Nor could I put this off for one minute longer.

Yanking the golden covers back, I was out of the bed and on my feet. I battled, the fucking ping pong ball that I was. I had a choice and it was simple.

I could leave the room and return to my own. Or, I could follow the moonlit staircase to the hidden room beneath my feet.

In less than half a minute, I had my answer.


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