MoMH Ch 28 Teaser

Master of My Heart - Ch.28 Bags and Bondage

Before you get totally confused, this song or the direction of content involved in the video has nothing to do with the chapter. (Edward is not in this chapter, except for over the phone and Bella is not cheating on Edward. Liam, mentioned below, is part of the security detail Edward has hired to stay with Bella at all times while he's away. (That's a teaser, don't freak out about Liam's presences okay? It's innocent.) 
It's more of Hillary Duff's stellar wardrobe change I'd like you to pay close attention to.  ;) I love a good disguise.

(Oh, and Kellan Lutz is sexy as fuck in this video.... and I couldn't resist watching it. Over and over and over again.....) :) 

-MoMH 28 Teaser-

"Liam," I spoke quietly,  pausing briefly next to the door of the ladies room and gesturing with my thumb. "....would you mind if I--" I smiled shyly and looked down at my toes before glancing at him from under my lashes. I was hoping my cheeks were tinted a light rose and by his reaction, I think this act was working.  "I'll only be a minute."I promised.

"Ss-sure," he stammered out.  "Of course, Ms. Swan." He smiled happily, doe eyed and dazed by my fluttering lashes.


"Thanks." I smiled, gentle and shy back at him.

He nodded once, taking a sharp stance beside the door as I ducked into the bathroom. Shrugging out of my coat, I began to turn inside out as quickly as I could. I slipped into the larger vacant stall and pulled down the child changing station. Thankful to have the extra space and a flat surface to work with, I dumped the contents of my purse out and went to work quickly.

Showtime. I smirked.

If I was lucky, I'd make it out of this bathroom in my disguise, and Liam would be none the wiser.

Taps chin....WTF is Bella up to??? I guess you'll have to wait and see......




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