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 Hey lovelies,

I'm so sorry about the delay on updates, real life strikes again. Luckily, all is right now and I'm playing catch up. Thanks to all of you who tweeted me about Hubs, he's fine. Home and healthy is more than I could ask for. :)

MoMH will probably be up today. I discovered a little sumthin-sumthin when I was reading through last night that needs to be cleaned up (and I'm doing that right now.) Once I'm all set, it'll post.

WYLE will be this week too. After I post MoMH update, I just need to go through edits on it and clean it up a bit. I'm hoping it'll be mid-week. Here's a little something to keep you interested.

Thanks for all the <3

 I could explain this, but where's the fun in that? ;)  Enjoy.

Chapter 12: The Art of Moving On

“You did this!” I shrieked hoarsely. “You made him leave!” Tear streamed recklessly down my face as my fists continued their assault, slapping and smacking the broad expansion of his toned chest.

“Bella, I’m sorry--” He choked, not even bothering to restrain me as I unleashed every ounce of pent up aggression against him.

“I hate you!” I screamed, pounding my fists into him, my head lashed back and forth as tears flowed down my face, unrestrained.

I know! Confused yet?

See you with the conclusion in a few days.



gossip_bangkok said…
Hi dear. I'm glad everything is slowing down for you! *hugs* TTYL xx

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