MoMH Ch 26 Teaser '....And Private Jets'

Hey babes! So, 26 will be here sooner than you know it. Until then, enjoy this little peak. ;)


“I won’t give in as easily now...” I hummed.

“Sure you will.” He teased, nipping at my lips. “We both know that you can’t resist me.”

“I’ll have to work on my self control.” I mumbled.

“You do that,” he smiled before leaning in and capturing my mouth completely with his. The playful mood returned as we rolled and became lost in each other again. A heavenly blanket of bliss swaddled us as we held each other and whispered sweet nothings. I was sure anyone watching would have been sickened by our gooey display, but I couldn’t bring myself to care.

“Say something...foreign...” I smiled against his mouth.

“Foreign?” he smiled back, dragging his lips down my collar bone, his talented fingers danced lightly across the skin of my hip.

“Foreign.” I nodded, my eyes sly and full of carnal want.


shecat said…
Can't wait for it to post!!
pkmarita said…
oh my master!! i can't wait!!
p.s. glad everything is okay with your mister! *HUGS*

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