Chapter 25. Promises...

Its up. :D

MoMH will remain on until I'm asked to take it down. However, the story is available on Blogger and The Writers Coffee Shop. I've added the links for you to follow below.

Someone asked if I could post on and I'm sorry to say that I won't. I find the site to be difficult to navigate for readers as well as authors and even though I had posted the first few chapters of MoMH there a while back, but I've pulled it off for personal reasons.

I'm sorry for being a pain in the ass about it, but there are two other locations you can view the story aside from FFn. If you dont like TWCS, you can read it off my blogger page for MoMH/KoMS. At the top left hand corner of the page you can enter your email address for direct notification of updates made. It's hosted by Feedburner. (They don't send you any third party ads or spam, FYI.)

So there you have it. -My back up plan.-

Thanks for continueing to suppoirt me and my work. I love you all so much.

<3 B



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