MoMH-Ch.25 Promises and Private Jets

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This is the beginning of - Master of My Heart: Chapter 25. Don't hate me. I'm working on having it up tonight. I <3 you all super much.

Lastly: As you can hear, new music is up....  I wont tell you what goes to what. You'll just have to wait and see..... ; )


Chapter 25: Follow to the Fire. 

“So, I’m the only one?” I clarified, wrapping myself around him, I tangled us in the soft satin sheets.

“I won’t even dignify that with a response,” he answered slyly. Grinning like the devil, he leaned in and nipped my own smile with a kiss.

“Stop distracting me.” I giggled softly, slapping his bare chest lightly. “I want answers Mister Cullen.”

“I told you that I would answer anything you wanted as long as we were here...” he answered, patting the mattress beside me with a smirk. His lips began hunting along the soft skin of my neck to the exposed skin of my collarbone.

“Edward...” I moaned. “...stop.”

Sighing, he trailed his hands along my sides bringing them to rest around my hips to draw me closer. “Oh, all right...” his head fell into the space between my neck and shoulder, and if I didn’t know any better I could have sworn he was smelling me.... “..shoot.”

“Are you being coy?”

“Me?” He asked against my shoulder, I could feel his smile and hear it in his voice. He’d never been this playful before...even when we picnicked at the West Point Light House. A memory of us draped over a plaid comforter in the field of wild flowers danced through my mind, making me smile. It was one of the first time he’d ever opened up to me and I him. I could still taste the fresh watermelon that Edward had flown in for our fruit salad, I giggle at the thought. “What?” he asked with an amused smile, glancing up at me.

“I was just thinking about how sneaky you are.”

“Sneaky?” his eyes danced. “I don’t know what you mean...”

“I’m referring to the watermelon.” I smiled.

“Oh.” he chuckled. “That?”

“Yes, that. You’re shameless you know that?” I giggled.

“No,” he disagreed. “I just pay attention to detail and, you and Josef wouldn’t stop bantering about flavorful melons and the appropriate size of said melons.” I laughed out loud at his blatant innuendo. “Let’s not forget about my raging case of blue balls before hand, then, the two of you start talking about melons and flavors....I almost exploded in my pants right there in the back seat of the Rolls.”

My peal of unlady-like cackle filled the room and my hand slapped over my face as a snort escaped. “It’s not our fault you have an inappropriate mind.” I panted out.

He barked out a laugh. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you and Josef enjoy making me squirm.”

“In my defense, I was oblivious of your...discomfort.”

“Of course you weren't.” He smiled. “I have other ways to relieve my tension...” he trailed off and I paled considerably. “, that isn’t what I meant.” he frowned, running his hands over my shoulders soothingly. “I have toys in the playroom that are interchangeable with my Liberator furniture.....”

**** that are interchangeable with his sex furniture! OH MY.

See you with the rest soon....


pkmarita said…
i just love love love the teaser!!! i cant wait for more!! and thank you for the video bar again and just everything sweetie!! I <3 you something fierce!!!
shecat said…
Can't wait for this to post! Toys that are interchangeable....
kneon said…
that was a great teaser. Can't wait for the full chapter.

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