TwiFans for Haiti

TwiFans for Haiti: MsKathy's TwiFandom Challenge 

When you donate at least 5 to a charity of your choice by 11:59PM January 24, 2010, to help aid the victims of the Haiti Earthquakes, and you will receive a compilation of varying length pieces of fiction by a large group of Twifandom writers, myself included.

For more information visit: MsKathy's Blog

As a contributing Author, I am donating an Outtake from my Story What You Least Expected called 'Bright Star' (A romantic outtake of the 'Cayman Island's' of night Bella and Edward conceived the twins(unknowingly).)

HappyWanderer (author ofBad Press) and me, are also contributing a little snippet of an upcoming collaborative story we are doing together called, 'The Right Adjustment' (full of lemony goodness!) Story debut ETA:TBA (watch my notes if you're interested in more information, as HW and I will make it available soon.)

As a fandom we can do so much GREAT together. Please help us raise funds to aid in the relief for the Earthquake victims of Haiti.


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