MoMH Ch.24 update news:

Okay,I know, so I'm a huge fucking bitch. No ones knows this to be more true, that Mr.Marley. ;)  That being said; I come bearing news and gifts. First the news, then the gifts.

News: Chapter 24 of MoMH is in my final stage of my editing right now. What does this mean? It means the original 24 was shit and I scrapped it. Now don't get your panties in a twist, 24 is written now. As we speak, I'm going through the last of my edits and readying it for my beta's read through. From there it'll be edited, prettied up and readied for posting.

The plot of the story hasn't changed or anything like that. 24 just wasn't flowing, and while I know you enjoy long chapters....I don't think you like ones that go on and on talking in circles. So it was scrapped out and re-written. All teasers I've posted are still relevant for 24 but somethings have changed. (nothing major.)

I also wanted to throw out there, that like my other story: What You Least Expected, I am beginning to stock pile chapters of MoMH and KoMS so that they can post regularly.

Thank you for being patient with me and keeping in mind that I have three children at home (7,4,2) and a very affectionate hubs. ;) I sit down with Word from about 11pm EST to about 3am EST every night so I can catch up and bring you guys what you love to see from me. (Which I'm still blown away by the reception these stories get. If you guys didn't hound my ass I'd have given up a long time ago.) So thanks. I loose out on beauty sleep because I love you guys and you're more than worth my time and my 10000010%

Big thanks to everyone for support and encouragement as I fight to stay on track and finish up these stories for posting. I love you all more than I could say. Thank you for being so wonderfully good to me. I don't always deserve it, but I'll take it.

Much love, my lovelies. <3



New Chapter 24: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow. Teaser

 The sheet slipped into a puddle and gathered around my waist. I curled my legs around myself, and gazed out the tall windows into the city skyline. The previous night’s events swam back to my thoughts as the lusty haze dissipated around us. I was thinking a little clearer, feeling more rational... but still just as confused.

Edward shifted behind me; I knew he wouldn’t allow me to avoid his questioning for long. I needed another minute though,…just one more to collect myself. Distraction would be best right now…just a slight procrastination for my own benefit.

For a fraction of a minute, I didn't allow myself think about anything. I just busied myself with the patterns of the carpet. I focused on the vibrant rainbows that splashed through the reflective glass and across the floor. I watched the little particles of dust that drifted in and out of the beams of lights -- they seemed to dance and float for my amusement as I watched, suddenly fascinated by their existence.

I felt Edward shift again; this time leaning in to kiss my shoulder tenderly. “Talk to me, my love.” he whispered.

Would he understand if I confessed my fears?......


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