Chapter 36 - A Shock to the Nervous System

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Master of My Heart 
Chapter 36 - A Shock to the Nervous System 
-Edward Cullen-

She is wan and pale as I gaze at her. Unnaturally dark hair clings to her cheeks as her fiery eyes take in everything. I can feel the rage seeping from her, I can see the trembling in her hands as she flexes her fingers in and out of clenched blood stained fists. 

With raised hands, I approach her slowly, but as I do, she turns and regards me as if she’s just seeing me for the first time. Her eyes are blank, but as they focus on my face something sad flickers there before she levels her gaze to the ground and takes a small step back. When I reach my hands to her, she instantly wraps her arms around her middle and curls defensively. I watch her carefully as she shakes her head back and forth and mutters a string of words softly under her breath. 
Her voice is a soft whisper, I can’t make much out but I watch her lips moving rhythmically as she repeats what I recognize as the same words over, and over. 
The words....they knocks me backward and I gasp as the sharp sting of tears wells in my eyes as I drink her in this way. 
I hardly recognize her.  She is pale and thin. Darker haired....but still, so, so, so fucking beautiful. When this dawns on me, I can feel my heart breaking. It’s earth shattering and excruciating as a numbing spreads over me. I can only begin to imagine how much she has been going through. 

And now this. 

My blood boils and I can feel my jaw tighten and my fists clench. 

I want to end Jasper. 

Right here. 

Right now. 

Part of me rationalizes that this is my sisters husband. The father of my newly born beautiful little niece. 

But none of that matters when I look at the results of the aftermath he has caused for the one person that matters more than anything else. 
The door behind me slowly pushes open behind me and I feel a hand on my shoulder but I don’t turn. My eyes are only for her and I will not be swayed. She is everything. The only thing in my universe that matters. 

“Edward.” My father coaxes softly. Just my name in a level monotone. There is no emotion behind it, but I know what he’s saying to me without any further communication. 
I shake my head. 
“Leave.” I tell him softly. The way it sounds coming from my mouth is cold. Hard. “Go tend to your son-in-law Carlisle.” 
The air in the room has turned stagnant.  My gaze is unwavering as I stare at the woman I love. The light that was in her soft brown eyes snuffed. The glow in her lovely skin eclipsed. 
This is not how I left her. 
No, destroyed. She is destroyed. 
This is my love. 
My life. 
I can feel my father exhale behind me. It’s soft and resigned. It’s acceptance. 
When the door closes, leaving us incased and alone in this small room I straighten tall. With a deep inhale I square my shoulders and take my first real step toward her. I watch her carefully, but do not hesitate as her eyes snap up to meet mine. I hold her gaze and she doesn’t move a breath. With another step I continue to close the distance between us until we are a foot apart. Her eyes a wild with fear and when I raise my arms open slowly to her, she flinches as if anticipating my blow. 
It’s something that will never be delivered and to see her flinch from me twists my insides the most painful and horrible way. 
I continued to hold her gaze, never faltering. Her eyes stay on mine as we continue our stare at one another. A tear rolls down her cheek as her lips begin to quiver. 

It’s right then that I know what needs to be done. 
With my palms up and my arms open I command the only thing I know that we both need, as softly and as gently as I can. 
“Come here.” 


Bunch2009 said…
OMG I can't wait for the update. Thank you for the teaser. Love it
basketsarah120 said…
I can't wait to read it! My heart breaks for them.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the peak, <3 the update.
git git said…
ohhhh god i think i died a little over there at edward's description of Bella... I hope she goes to him. I kinda want him to punch Jasper just for sakes
Anonymous said…
this is so sad. can't wait for the rest!! keep up the good work. :)
holy hell, i'm already fucking crying and it isn't even the full chapter!! gah, i HATE Jasper... i have to go back to the fan fic chapter so i can leave my review... so i can spew my hate for Jasper... i don't care if he was only thinking of Alice. Edward's gonna kill him... and i hope Bella NEVER FORGIVES Jasper. PLEASE don't let her forgive him. or if you HAVE to, forgive him but never acknowledge him ever again... did i tell you how much i HATE Jasper??
Anonymous said…
I've been salivating for an update! This chap sounds extremely heartwrenching, can't wait.
kneon said…
Wow this sounds intense. Can't wait.
rmcrms5 said…
Please say you're not in TX so you have electricity and will update today!!! I'm crying just over the teaser.
rmcrms5 said…
Please say you're updating today! I'm ready to cry just over the teaser.
shecat said…
Can't wait for this to pop into my inbox!!!!
Brianna Marley said…
*Just a Note** Is not in Texas. I reside in the sunny state. (Florida!) Chapter 36 will be up VERAH soon. I have the next 3x days off of work and I plan to put that time off to VERY good use. 36 is just about ready to post. **Sighs. I can't wait for you to see. :D

Anonymous said…
you are killing us here!!! Update!! Update please!!
Anonymous said…
can verah soon be today?? i can't get this teaser off my mind...and i have like two important exams tomorrow! LOL. i should prolly get my priorities straight. you're story's too amazing though!!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy you get time off, even happier about the update but understand that you need a break from work. Enjoy your days off :)
Emily said…
You are verryyyy good at torment! ;)
The last chapter ended with a huge bang and the teaser was almost a week ago! Please please update!!
Nana/Mom said…
soon please bb, please......
emmyjayne said…
PPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!! update soon your killing us with the heart breaking suspense
Emily said…
Hello- I know i've already left one comment and I was just wondering if you could give us another update? An estimated date, possibly another teaser... something? Even just a "sorry guys it will be another week" (please please please don't make it that long, just saying). The anticipation is killing me (us, i assume) and I would really appreciate it if you could let us know what's going on. Thanks!
Brianna Marley said…
Coming to you via Blackberry....Today's a great day for a reunion....that's all I'm sayin!! See you tonight! XXXXXXOXXXXXX BriannaMarley
Anonymous said…
"Coming to you via Blackberry....Today's a great day for a reunion....that's all I'm sayin!! See you tonight! XXXXXXOXXXXXX BriannaMarley

February 14, 2011 1:31 PM"

Thank you thank you! This will be a fantastic valentines day present to your readers!
Emily said…
Hello- I wanted to say that I loved the last chapter and cannot wait for the next one!

I have a question. You said in a previous post that there are 12-13 chapters left in this story? It seems like you post once a month, so are we going to have to wait a year before its finished? I really love your other story, WYLE, and I cannot wait for updates on that, but I know you said that it was on hold until MOMH was finished... so I am just hoping that I won't have to wait so long for MOMH to finish and WYLE to commence again. Thanks
bella ami said…
I have been away from your fics for so long! RL sucks like that a LOT! I popped my BDSM FF cherry w/ your fics & I plan to start at the beginning & re read! I've missed you so much!!!
Anonymous said…
ahhh update pleaseeee!!!

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