The first 2500 words of Chapter 31>MoMH

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I just wanted to give you a quick explanation for my recent disappearing act! I'm actually in the process of moving! :) It's not as fun as it sounds AT ALL. These past two weeks have sucked and I'd much rather be blogging, writing, and tweeting. BELIEVE ME. Tonight's been the first time I've been able to sit down and actually write in about twelve days. It's been insane. I've been going through some serious BxE withdrawals. Trust me, I know it's the same for you guys too, at least, I hope you've missed me and @MoMHward. 

So, as I sit here finishing up the remainders that are Chapters 31 and 32, I'd like to offer up the first 2,500 words of chapter 31.(This chapter looks to be about 11K in length at the moment, but you know could be 13K by the end of tonight.) Please keep in mind, I've only gone through this about twice for edits, so you might come across typos. Still, I thought at this point, something is better than nothing. :) 

I'm going to try realllllllly hard to finish this and have it posted this weekend. (if not 31 and 32 back to back) 31 will go up asap. I'm going through it to make corrections, edits, etc right now. So as soon as it's ready, it'll be all yours. :D 

Thanks for all the love and support and understanding. I'm not giving up on anything. Just MOVING from Massachusetts to Florida within the next few weeks. It's a crazy time. 

Any who, enough of my mouth going "blah...blah...blah..." go get you some MoMH opener. Enjoy it! and leave me your thoughts in the comment thing below if you feel so inclined. ;) 

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Chapter 31. It Begins > Master of My Heart > Bella's POV. 

“Bella, put your seatbelt on.” Carlisle barked through tight lips. 
Frozen in the soft leather seat, my right arm seemed to take command from Carlisle without any conscious effort from me. Mechanically, my hand snapped to the belt and began dragging it across my middle to quickly click it safely in place. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Carlisle doing the same. 
My mind flashed numbly as I took in my surrounding. 
Slowly, the terror crept in and the adrenaline soon followed, shooting through me at full force and bringing everything into a vibrant burning mesh of color before my eyes. 
The rain continued to poor down in a thick monsoon, soaking everything in sight and fogging the windows up with a smoky haze that was becoming impossible to see through. Overhead, a sharp crack of thunder, followed a bright, brilliant blue jolt of lighting hit the sky with a snap.  It was at that exact moment, they struck. 
One instant, we were still and the next the blacked out SUV slammed Carlisle’s Mercedes from behind. 
“Dammit.” Carlisle snarled from beside me.
With a sharp flick of his wrist, he was quickly in action. Throwing the car in reverse, he slammed his foot down on the accelerator pedal propelling us backward with a jolt. Tires squealed and spun on the slicked, rain soaked pavement. My heart thumped in my chest so hard I thought I might pass out at any moment. I could hear the revving of the SUV’s engine from behind us and the crunch of grinding metal as we slammed in connection. For a fraction of a second, they backed off, making our car jerk back, but not before they came back at full force, slamming into us again.
We battled in a tug-of-war for what felt like an eternity. I could feel the motor straining as we pushed and pulled against the rain soaked pavement. Carlisle’s hard voice resonated the space between us as he swore and grunted with effort. His hands remained tight around the steering wheel as he pushed the car to battle. 
The grinding of metal, the crunching of head and tail lights as they connected over and over, neither car willing to give in. Neither party willing to give up or give in. It felt like the strangest dance. I couldn’t help but wondering which partner would tire first. Who’s vehicle would wane and fail. Who would be the loser in the fight.  
Then, the sound that came next was one that haunted my every dream. 
Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. 
I began screaming as the back window shattered and glass sprayed the front seat. Little bits of sky blue and clear glass flying in every direction as the cannonading of gun fire tore through the normally peaceful estate. The sounds of the weapon seemed so far away; yet close enough to disturb the surrounding area with its relentlessness. Tiny, razor sharp squares flew into my hair and nipped my cheek in passing. Littering the dashboard like the steady rain now soaking into the interior, the pattering of glass against the deflated air bags mingled with the rain drops that now rushed in. The sharp crack of a revolver spiked the air through the beat of the rain against the car and the crack of lightning that lit up the sky. It was all so familiar...yet so different. I felt frozen, entranced even, by the events unfolding before me here tonight. 
“Fuck!” Carlisle snarled as the car lost it’s traction on the slick road, his heavy foot faltered the pedal, forcing us to slip forward just a fraction at the sounds of gunfire that blazed from behind us. It was just enough of an error to send us speeding forward without control.  “Bella!” he shouted in a panic. His voice ripped three octaves above the roaring sound that hummed my ears. I only had time to blink a glance at him before we were barreling forward forcefully and without control. 
The nose of the Mercedes' slammed straight into the security gate aggressively, nothing could have prepared me for sickening squeal of twisted metal in accompany  with the violent way we met the wrought iron gates. The moment we hit, the air bags exploded all around us. They ballooned with such a force, that my head and shoulder rocked violently off the side tubular curtain, throwing me roughly into the already expanded frontal bag.
Even with the seat belt on, I was getting tossed about the interior. My neck and spine felt like someone had torn it from my body and twisted it in an unnatural way, before replacing it haphazardly back in place. I was going to be sick. Everything spun and flashed in my vision, the white clouds billowed before me and slowly deflated, leaving nothing but a thin smog of powder drifting in the damp air. 
“Oh, God.” I moaned, smelling an unsettling amount of burning rubber and mutilated car. My head lolled back on the head rest with a short lived relief. For the moment, we seemed to have stilled. 
I glanced to my left just in time to see Carlisle grimace, and then straighten out his posture in the slightly twisted drivers seat. He looked at me, only for a moment, before the car was thrust forward again, this time much more violently. The sharp collision made the Mercedes’ grown in protest and a hoarse cry escape from my lips. 
With his attention focused back on the task, Carlisle wrapped his clenching fist around the steering wheel, threw a glance over his shoulder and shifted the gears of the car again. This time, it made the sounds of a severely impaired car. I could here the transmission waining as he shifted from third back to first as he punched the pedal with his foot to the floor. The engine revved, sputtered and then jerk the car back to resume the battle.
Turning to him, I took in his features for just a moment. Only able to see the right side of his profile, I noticed there was shallow gash above his right eye and a thin line of blood dribbling down his chin in a jagged line from his swollen, split lower lip. I could tell from his posture something else seemed to be wrong. He was hunched forward slightly, favoring his side. I hoped whatever it was, he could holdout. I had a feeling this wasn’t going to get any easier, until help arrived. 
I didn’t think there was a snowballs chance in hell someone hadn’t been alerted. With the way I was watched, I held onto faith that someone was coming and that we would be fine. 
As Carlisle fought to regain control of the vehicle, my hearing hollowed out and my vision tunneled.  Right as he was able to switch gears and back off the gate (and only by a short amount) did the SUV increase it’s speed, ramming us back toward the iron. My hands went straight to the dash and right into a mound of shattered windshield glass and deflated airbag. I braced myself against it as we hit again, the glass and the jagged airbag compartment bitting into my hand when my palms slipped roughly form being thrown around. 
 We were jostled forward again, slamming viciously into the gate. The engine sputtered and revved loudly when Carlisle shifted the gears on the center console and grunted out a sharp swear. 
“Bella, can you get to your cell phone?” Carlisle shouted. “Something's wrong, they should have been here for us by now!” 
I nodded, keeping one hand braced on the dash, but wincing as I noticed droplets of my blood, mixed with glass fragments and debris that were impaling my palms. I reached between my legs and fumbled for my purse, praying that I could reach the phone in my bag. My fingertips had just grazed the slick underside of the phone, when suddenly, my seatbelt tightened painfully against my collarbone and hip forcing me back slightly into the seat. I cried out as we struck the gate again, my head slapped first the passenger side window and then butted the dashboard. 
So much for the all ready deflated airbags. I thought bitterly, when my head cracked sickeningly with contact to the mutilated dashboard. My eyes fluttered closed on their own accord as I shook myself back into my senses. When I opened them again, I literally saw star. Little blue and white flecks of light punctured my vision, dancing and disappearing, before floating elegantly back into a new spot of my vision to impair me. 
The last time I’d seen stars’ like these one was the night...
I begged myself not to go there. 
Shaking my head again to clear the fog, I heard Carlisle shouting to me, asking if I was all right. His voice was distant and slow, like I was trapped back in one of my endless dreams. 
With his distraction, the Mercedes faltered. The SUV winning the violent battle, sent us crashing forward. There was a sicken pop followed by a long hiss. Then, something pinched my legs painfully into my seat. I felt the car rock, as if it were a toy, before it jerked and then rested still. 
Everything seemed to stop around us. The Mercedes groaned only once again, shuttered, and hissed to silence. 
My head felt heavy and pliable. As I sat there, seemingly motionless, a slow deep fear eloped me. Slowly coming to, I realized two very important things. 
The first being no greater a problem than the second, in my opinion they were equally matched in importance. I was stuck, in every sense of the word. Pinching my eyes closed, I wiggled and shifted to try to lessen the discomfort now radiating the lower half of my body. Feeling heavy with exhaustion, my head seemed to loll forward and I forced my eyes open. 
The Mercedes was destroyed. Even from the wrecked interior, I could easily decide that it looked nothing like a vehicle anymore. The front end was severely dilapidated and unrecognizable, hissing and billowing with a now think black smoke and disturbing bitter smell. From what I could see through the spiderwebbed windshield, Edward’s gate had toppled forward and impaled the hood and part of the roof. Just over my head, a spiny, rusted spear poked through and snarled down at me in a twisted menacing fashion. It threat, minimal now even as it’s sharp point winked down at me from under the reflective moonlight. 
I tiny shudder rippled through me as I realized how close I had come to having it impale my scull. Shifting again, I tried to free my legs, but inhaled sharply when I felt a prickling stab slice at my shins. I felt helpless at the realization that the dashboard was crushing down on my legs and holding me in place. 
Second, and perhaps the most disturbing was when I saw something from the corner of my eye. Lifting my face to look over, my head rolled helplessly to the side. It was there, that a shadowy figure suddenly appeared at my right, just shy of my peripheral vision. I wished I could have deduced it as figment of my imagination, but I knew better than to let myself believe something so foolish. Focusing, so that my eyes could adjust clearly, I took a moment to study the outline of the shadowy figure and in doing so, realization dawned over me. 
Perhaps, a revelation more important than anything other.
I was going to die. Right here. Right now. 
The figure was tall and broad, cloaked in soaking dark garments pelted by the downpour. It only took me a moment to realize that he had raised his right arm, and that in his hand he held a sleek black handgun. A loud crash of thunder and a sharp blue crack of lightning chose that moment to light up the sky in a brilliant white-blue. 
His bulky figured seemed to tower over the car, gun pointed, body hunched in a menacing posture and a wicked, unsettling gleam in his steady, deadly eyes. They were black as pitch and completely void of anything. Even his face revealed nothing but that of a cold hard murderer. 
In that moment, I just knew.  
“Carlisle!” I choked on a scream, quickly alerting his attention to the man approaching the passenger side of the car. 
Shutting my eyes tightly to the scene, I whipped my head around to face Carlisle, seeing absolute panic in his eyes when he realized what was about to happen. I tried to put distance between myself and the gunman but it was useless, a few inches wouldn’t make a difference. Cringing and tense, I pressed my eyes shut tight and curled into myself as much as the Mercedes’ crumpled interior would allow, given its warped contortion around my body that pinned me in place. 
“No!” Carlisle shouted hoarsely from beside me. I could feel him struggle against the car, fighting to get closer, to cover and shield me from the attacker. His ragged breathing huffed in my ear and his hands went possessively to my forearm, tugging and pulling like it would have done any it would have made the difference.  
I waited for the dark figure to pull the trigger and empty the contents of his gun into me. A small whimper tore up from my throat as Carlisle fingertips pried at me, willing the car to release me from the prison I was trapped in to be cradled safely in his arms. 
“Bella,” Carlisle panted, his voice so timorous it made fresh tears spill from my eyes. 
I accepted that these would be my final moments and as Carlisle realized the same, he wrapped his arms protectively around me and took a deep, agonizing breath and  waited.
I was going to die here, mere feet away from the sanctuary I’d called home.
For one strangled moment there was absolute silence, the rain, although it hadn’t stopped, seemed to have silenced. Little visions in sepia of Edwards face passed over my lidded eyes and a breath of his sweet voice vanished through my head. The sweetest vision; that of a peached cheek baby girl resting on his chest as he stroked at the frilly pink dress that covered her tiny back. His smile, wide and true, shown brightly at me as he pressed a gentle kiss into the soft bronze colored downy atop her head.  As his lips descended onto her, little eyelashes fluttered open like a butterfly’s wings, revealing the deepest mocha-brown eyes I had ever seen. Rosebud lips curved into a perfect flash of a newborn smile, before she closed her eyes, sighed, and snuggled deeply back into her daddy’s strong chest. 
Thick tears rolled down my cheeks as the vision floated away and I was brought back to reality. 
“I love you, Edward.” I whispered softly, just before heard the crack of a gun empty into the night sky over the pounding rain. I jumped in shock and a blood curtailing scream tore up my throat and whimpered out in terror.  Everything seemed to slow with each blast. I found myself counting the sound of each bullet as it tore from the chamber of the gun and receded into the surrounding air.
I flinched as the blasts ricocheted all around me, each louder and more powerful that the one before. I waited for the pain to come, waited for the wet feel of my own blood to seep down my skin and pool into the leather seats. I waited for my breathing to labor and then fail. 
I waited....and held the image of Edward in my mind.


lizconno said…
Holy crap, Brianna! This is gooooood! I cannot wait for the rest! :)
Nana/Mom said…
OHHHHH-you are a wicked wicked woman. LOL

ok, cannot wait for the rest!!!

I totally understand about the move, I HATE it, and we have only ever moved around in town. Cannot imagane moving from 1 state to another.....Good Luck,

Hugs P
git git said…
that was
what a way to end those 2500 words
i cant wait to read part two when ever it comes out! when you get the chance:(
anniem40 said…
So I am hoping that it is Josef coming to the rescue. And that it was possibly James that was after her? Maybe?

Can't wait for the rest of the chapter's though, please don't kill off Carlisle or Edward.

Also, I am really missing Edward in the story.
anniem40 said…
So I am hoping that it is Josef coming to the rescue. And that it was possibly James that was after her? Maybe?

Can't wait for the rest of the chapter's though, please don't kill off Carlisle or Edward.

Also, I am really missing Edward in these chapter's, but, understand that this needed to happen to move the story forward.
Mistress said…
Wow... I can't wait to read the rest :)
Good luck with the move... I made that exact same move a few years back it was a crazy and stressful time..
jeebus... i was sitting on the fucking edge of my seat reading this... and it's just the first 2,500 words? is this a 10,000 word chapter? if it is, yay for us! someone said they miss Edward in the story... so do i!! good luck with the move and RL in general!
Anonymous said…
Can't wait for the rest!!!! Please don't kill off Carlisle or Edward... I miss Edward in this story... Please let him show up soon!
kneon said…
Wow, I think I just died. Please let Josef just showed up and shot the gunman.
Anonymous said…
Thank God YOu are alright!!

I have been worried sick about you being gone off twitter!

and now this Chapter has got me all worked up! Its amazing bb!! I need the rest asap!!

Love you bb!!!

Anonymous said…
Hey just came by as i periodically check your blog... i noticed you said your moving from mass to FLA... i did that too... like 14 years ago but i moved from mass (springfield area) to orlando... the heat takes some getting used to... and the hurricane threat too... good luck!!

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