Chapter 42. Every Promise - Teaser

So, yea. I won't whine or complain. I won't bitch about ungrateful assholes. I'll just say that after a few weeks of cooling off and an insane amout of writing, I'm back and ready to resume Master of My Heart. We're climaxing at this point, stretching and reaching higher and higher until the whole world will explode all around orgasm.....maybe not. 

This is a little teaser to give you a taste of the chapters direction. We've got some fluff and a bit of angst....horniness....did I also mention, this chapter belongs to Edward?? 

Enjoy your teaser....with anticipation of the chapter within the next day or so. 

Yes the title of this chapter is Every Promise. And YES, I've got a double meaning one track mind. ....And no, you're not dreaming....those are nipple clamps down there.....Oh, yes. Yes, they are.  :-O

Begins of playroom part of the we come. ;) 


“I had a wonderful time, Edward.” She grins. “Despite the mad man on the boat and your disappearing act. Thank you, I really needed the time away with you.” 
I can feel my scowl. “I’m sorry Bella, I--”
“Shhh....” She hushes me, touching her lips to mine. “Stop talking.” She requests before deepening our kiss and awakening my desire. 
When her tongue caresses with mine, an unmanly whimper escapes my lips making Bella giggle with what sounds like delight. Without breaking the kiss, she unclips her seat belt and shifts onto her knees on the seat. Hiking her skirt up, she leans into me and braces her hands on my shoulders. My hands seem to have a mind of their own as they deftly travel up the backs of her thighs and under her bunched skirt. 
All the breath leaves my lungs in a rush when my fingers encounter the edge of lacy panties against soft flesh. 
I’m only just getting started when Bella pulls away, kissing the corner of my mouth before settling back on her haunches with an innocent shy smile adorning her full lips. 
I can’t help but smile back at her when she gives me this smile, it’s the most beautiful smile I ever seen. A smile that’s reserved only for me. She blushes ever so subtly and glances down at her lap while pinching the corner of her bottom lip between her teeth. I reach out to her eagerly and run my finger tips along her jaw, gently releasing her lip from it’s torture, before tenderly caressing her chin. If I don't stop this now, I'll be the one tugging on that lip with my teeth.....
“What’s got you so shy?” I murmur, searching her eyes as she tries to avert them. 


Alicia said…
I can't believe people are being mean to you!. This story is so awesome I can't believe they would complain about it! You're not the only one though. Alot of the other stories that I read, the authors have the same problem. People need to keep their rude comments to themselves. If you don't like how the story is going then don't read the fucking thing!!!
love you Brianna....don't stop writing hun just because of douchebags!!!!
Anonymous said…
ungrateful assholes? needed time to cool off? was it a reviewer that said something to you? if so, very sorry to hear that. anyways, loved the teaser!!! I can't wait for the actual chapter. You're doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work and i hope you can update really soon! :)
Anonymous said…
please post the chapter!! im dying of anticipation!!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful teaser, love it and can't wait for the next chapter. I hope you had a great 4th of July!

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