What's the deal!?

Hey babes! I know, I know, I've been gone forever. I'm so sorry to have left you all hanging this long. It really wasn't intentional for me to be gone this long but you know how real life is...it's sneaks up and takes over on you. FYI: I've made it down to the Sunshine state! Lovin it here in sunny and warm Florida. I love to stick my tongue out at my relatives still living up in New England....currently being slammed with one storm after another. ;) I really don't miss shoveling! AT ALL! lol. Sorry for those of you who are...take my advice, come on down here! It's beautiful!

Anywho, here's a bit of an update:

Master of My Heart: I've been working like crazy lately, trying my hardest to get up a good stock pile of Master of My Heart for you all to enjoy. :D I'm proud to announce that there are currently 12-13 chapters in planning to finish out the story. Chapter 35 will be posting.....verah soon..... followed verah closely by chapter 36. I'm trying to work out a posting schedule for this too, so I'll keep you updated as I make a decision. ;) I'm advising all my loyal readers to subscribe to the MoMH blog for updates from here on out. While I'll still post at FFn...I'll be focusing more on Http://MasterofMyHeart.blogspot.com for all future updates.

Here's a small tease...

What You Least Expected: What can I say about this one....It'll be finished. I promise. Right now (When I'm not finishing MoMH) I'm cranking out chapters on this baby. Out of either stories if I could have pushed MoMH aside without you handing me my ass...I would have. This story, for me is my baby. Actually, once I complete this on FFn, I've decided to make a few changes (but still leaving it on FFn, I'll never pull a FF story because I'm trying to publish. Everything will be reworked...but based off of this story.) and attempt a publish on this. It's a story that hits closer to home for me and I can't wait to take you on the journey as I complete it. As soon as I get MoMH finished I'll be hammering out the last few chapter on this one. (I've planned for 22 chapters, plus an epi and a future take. So 24 in total) I'm excited about that. Same goes for this one, I'll continue to post on FFn...but I'm redirecting you guys to read here: Http://WhatYouLeastExpected.blogspot.com  I'll be posting it regularly on here, so head over and sign up for update alerts...I'll be starting the posting soon. :D 

So yeah....I know. Sorry I've been gone, but I'm back! When MoMH 35 goes up, I'll post the link here. 

Love you guys! Thanks for the love and support and the interest in me finishing these stories. I appreciate every email and message and review and although I don't get a chance to respond to them all, I do read them...and they mean so much. So thanks....and I'll see you in a bit......



Nana/Mom said…
well, that is certainly great news, I know I am looking forward to it!!!!!
candysky186 said…
I'm glad that you made it ok to sunny Florida, & I'm so glad that you are updating soon! :) Cant wait!!
hetzel4 said…
OMG! This is wonderful news. I can't wait for your update :). Glad you're back
Anonymous said…
hmmm..when does very soon mean for chapter 36? I'll be on pins and needles waiting for this chapter!!1 You're doing a fantastic job with it.:)
emmyjayne said…
I'm glad you made it safe and sound and am really looking forward to the new updates and compleeting the story.

Do you have any plans to continue on with the story Keeper Of My Soul?

I've just read chap 35 and think its fantastic and will be on the edge of my seat waiting for chap 36
Anonymous said…
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